Service providers lease premises for offices to motivate consumers to pay now. The latter, taking into account the reduced liquidity business began to cut spending, that is balanced to reduce staff and reduce the area of the leased premises. In this regard to the Russian real estate market is now gaining momentum a new kind of outsourcing in the field of real estate such as rental jobs equipped office space. The benefits of outsourcing offices Poll business leaders about the benefits of outsourcing has identified the following criteria: cost reduction – 79% concentration on your business – 75% raising the quality of support services – 70% increase in business flexibility and as a consequence competitiveness – 67% of the optimization of business processes – 58%. If we look at outsourcing office, we will find not only improve the quality and flexibility of services for maintaining the office (which in case of renting your own office we organize, manage and pay your own), but at the same time, we find great potential for cost reductions. What is the sum of their cost savings on office rent? It consists of three important important components. The first is that the cost per square meter in renting the workplace becomes more optimal, since in this case, we pay only for the meter to use and not for all the parameters of the room. That is, we only pay for the jobs on which we have staff (who, incidentally, can work in shifts). The second part of the cost per square meter is that when hiring jobs in cost per square meter includes additional services.