Internet Marketing

Once you've created a page, site or portal, filled it with interesting and informative content in front of you stands the main task: to attract visitors to it. Because the weeks passed, and the second one and nedumaet go to your website. And it's all because of the unknown that no one that the Internet has a new and so wonderful your site. Here are some tips: How and where to start to let people know about you, and started visiting the site? We will not considered illegal promotion, spamming on e-mails is not for us, we are law-abiding citizens, but spamming matter for the courts … We'll go the other way for us – a white 'promotion' is the right, which we now discuss. The principal activities to promote or so called 'promotion' site includes: registration in search engines and directories, link exchange and sharing of bannerami.Pervoe you have to do it – register '', you get the counter code, will be able to view statistics of your site, and it will be included in the directory Rambler's top 100 websites on subjects that you specify when registering there. In addition you get a code hit counter you will have access to the statistics of visits to your site, which is important. The next step in moving us know that the Internet has another site to search engines and online Internet directories such as: Google, Altavista, Yahoo, Rambler, Yandex, etc., for registration in catalogs easiest to use for the purpose of registration services, such as

When you register they will be able to send you information about your newly-site immediately set Russian and foreign search engines, it will accelerate the promotion because most of the visitors to find information is through search engines. Also, do not be lazy to visit sites with similar subjects. Many have exchanged links and instead hosting the links there to place your. And if the site where your link will be good attendance, you must be a flow of visitors. The last component – this is banner advertising.

To advertise your site so you will need a banner – the picture displays information about your site. Banners, as well as links can be exchanged with other sites, and in addition services exist for the exchange of banners, some paid, some free, such as: The system of these services is simple and is as follows: Immediately after you have registered on the site specific html code to display banners participants in the system, while at the same time your banner is displayed by other contributors. I can say that this method of promotion of the site is quite effective – but it all depends on the appearance of the banner. It should attract users and curiosity for all this to be small (mean size of the image file, not the pictures), in order to have time to boot up until the visitor has not lost interest in him. I should add finally, if your site is really fascinating, interesting and well decorated, on ensuring attendance and progress you almost do not need to worry, webmasters of other sites to link to their own pleasure for you and visitors of the site will tell about it to his friends. Well, that's almost done, good luck to you in promoting your site on the internet!

Clean Language

For example, the coach follows the client all spoken words: "…. and there is excitement that you can not catch a deadline, you are lost, sometimes hands are shaking and feel like number scored in the chest … "selection of the most powerful, charged cell (in the opinion of the coach) from the set of words the customer. For example, the coach builds a hypothesis that the most effective used in the element "a stake through the chest": "… and when the count in the chest …" in the use of this element – the direction of the client's attention to the item for a detailed study. For example, the coach keeps the words "…

and when count in the chest … is there anything else about it, "a stake through his chest?" … .. where exactly is it? …. What size? …. What made this number in your chest? "The advantage of Clean Language questions lies in the fact that during the session, the coach uses a minimum his own words, thus leaving the customer maximum freedom to express themselves, studies himself in his own words, their own images and concepts that reflect his words. How to respond to the situation problem? When a client is describing a problem, the coach first confirms it, then the coach invited him to explore the desired result that the client would like to receive. Model question Coach: And when (… the words client about the problem, For example: "And when you feel anxious") that you want to happen? Example: Client: Duration of the project puts pressure on me.