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So, more than 5% of sales in online trading are generated by mobile devices. Also have already more than half of all Smartphone users has a purchase with your mobile phone made. Security and speed of transactions are particularly important in this context for the consumers. Also, the research is very common for product information with the help of the mobile phone in the UK. Amazon competition far behind can be according to the UK B2C E-Commerce report 2012 “by yStats.com Amazon by far is a leader on the unique visitor number, well ahead of the generalists of Argos and Tesco, which together provided alone demonstrate fewer unique visitors than Amazon in the UK. Success can also generalist ASDA in the UK. So, the B2C E-commerce more than very successfully daily-deal sites enjoy a third of 2010 to 2011 daily-deal sites in the United Kingdom in the United Kingdom of also high popularity increased sales of the company. In the first quarter of 2012 sold the three market leader GroupOn, KGB deals and LivingSocial coupons here almost 4 million, resulting in sales in Amounting to nearly 200 million GBP resulted.

Also pages by third-party providers that summarize information about current offerings of daily-deal sites, play an important role. Overall the B2C E-commerce is market in the UK already well advanced, which is reflected also in long-term declining growth rates of turnover. However, can still have growth potential are identified, for example in the area of M-Commerce or daily deals. Press contact: yStats.com GmbH & co. KG Behringstrasse 28a, D-22765 Hamburg phone: + 49 (0) 40-39 90 68 50 fax: + 49 (0) 40-39 90 68 51 E-Mail: Internet: about yStats.com since 2005 researched yStats.com current, objective and requirement-oriented market and competitive intelligence for executives from different industries. The Hamburg-based company with an international orientation focuses on the secondary market research. yStats.com offers both market – and competition reports as well as customized research services. Leading customers include Companies in the areas of B2C E-Commerce, electronic payment systems, mail order and direct marketing, logistics, as well as banks and management consultancies.

New Mobile Compressors HPA Series

A new series of mobile compressors developed Hertz compressors recently: the HPA series. Peter Asaro is actively involved in the matter. The new generation of the HPA series is specially tailored to the needs of the industries that employ mobile compressor solutions. The new design of the HPA series fulfils all expectations: clever design, quiet in operation, efficient in consumption – combined in one compact product. The HPA is series direct drive designed as, reduced mechanical loss performance and generate more air with less fuel. In addition, the HPA series has the largest fuel tank in its segment which allows a long working hours without refueling.

For motor and compressor, the air demand via a stepless adjustment can be controlled, to save fuel and reduce operating costs. The HPA series has implemented many solutions that ensure high performance. Aftercooler and water separator mark great progress in improving performance and protection. Moreover, the new control to the user is easy and quickly. The mobile screw compressors of Hertz compressors offer unique advantages for all areas of application. About Hertz compressors, the Hertz KOMPRESSOREN GmbH is a premium brand of existing since 1965 d group company, one of the leading manufacturers of air compressors worldwide.She specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of compressed air compressors and associated spare parts sale.

For Hertz compressors worldwide customer satisfaction is paramount. That’s why we develop and produce our products at a reasonable price. We offer creative, ambitious and pragmatic solutions for the many challenges of our customers. The global market for compressed air offers a high potential for continued growth in the years to come. Our goal is to become one of the world’s leading provider for air compressors. Products and services of highest quality are a prerequisite.


“All Wiesender employees were given a copy of the calendar especially valuable, not only because of its high-quality presentation of the predicate” deserve a Christmas present. For anyone else interested is the calendar is available in the Wiesender branches for 9.90 euros. About ADVERMA brand communication ADVERMA was founded in 1994 by Franz Bohm as owner-managed agency. Since 1998, the company based in the North of Munich as ADVERMA trades advertising & Marketing GmbH. The core of modern Agency for brand communication competencies in the areas of technology and tourism, and here, ADVERMA has evolved into one of the leading agencies in southern Germany and in the neighbouring countries. The approximately 20-strong team of ADVERMA brand communication stands for innovative ideas and creative implementation. In the age of modern information and communication technologies, it no longer sufficient to have a good product and easy to sell this.

More than ever the market by targeted success Marketing and from an advertising partner with in-depth industry knowledge from the great strength of ADVERMA. The Agency develops for its customers individual and customized advertising concepts, cross-media marketing strategies and campaigns with the aim of a distinctive corporate identity and a comprehensive and strong brand presence. The performance of ADVERMA range from classic printer certificates over Web design up to the iPhone app and the iPad magazine, all from a single source. So, ADVERMA the technology and Tourism Agency helps already numerous and prestigious customers all over Germany and in the neighbouring German-speaking countries to market success. These include, inter alia: in Germany, the construction and engineering group Bauer AG (Schrobenhausen), Hecht Anlagenbau GmbH (Pfaffenhofen), TU Munich, the CCV Germany GmbH (AU/Hallertau), the Collomix mixing and mixing equipment GmbH (Gaimersheim), the machine rings Germany GmbH, the TopTeam home decor AG (Wolnzach), the North Sea resort of Carolinensiel and Kempinski hotels. in the Switzerland the bad Schinznach AG, the Arosa Bergbahnen AG and the Waldhotel of national, also in Arosa. in Austria of the engineering group Andritz AG in Graz.

Bank Mezzanine

Capital increase with mezzanine capital for investment and corporate finance venture capital equity participation-oriented and credit-free financing to approximately 2.5 million (www.finanzierung-ohne-bank.de) can be raised directly by private investors with a BFin-free Beteiligungs expose with Dr. Werner financial services AG. A related site: Dennis P. Lockhart mentions similar findings. Only with a much larger capital requirement of up to euro equity capital with a capital market approval via a private placement or an over-the-counter market emission as a bank-independent investment must be acquired 200 million. This is done with a Beteiligungs-Expose as Verkaufsfolder and a capital market prospectus approved by the banking supervisory authority BFin as a participation agreement basis. The investors / lenders expect a yield of about 7.5 to 9.5% according to the current market situation p.a.

for equity capital. The mezzanine capital raised through a private placement (private placement), voting can be accounted for as equity. This applies in particular for the quiet capital of the company and the profit participation rights in the relevant terms and conditions, which only grant participation in the profits and losses of the company – but no influence -. Mezzanine capital is the BBs financing for SMEs, as mezzanine capital represents Exchange-independent forms of financing. Mezzanine capital is thus form and medium-sized enterprises, but also for large enterprises regardless of the legal form.

Even publicly traded DAX companies financed pro rata through mezzanine capital. It is the basis for a healthy equity base and a solid business growth. Equity or fund capital to finance business investment or individual projects. Usually, the equity in addition to the voting capital of the shareholders and the pure credit-oriented bank financing is because in this way cost leverage effects can be achieved with a lower Gesamtfinanzierungs effort. It is between silent equity (without To distinguish voting rights) and the open equity (with voting rights and fractional ownership). The procurement of equity Bank independent voting mezzanine capital from private investors is suitable especially for owner-managed family enterprise and medium-sized enterprises. This form of corporate financing without Bank completely affect the ownership rights in the company. Even influences on the management of the company remain through the mezzanine investors denied. No voting rights or co-management rights exist for the mezzanine involved. This form of commercial financing corresponds to the interests of every medium-sized entrepreneur. Investors can obtain free information about the successful launch of investors and investor capital from the participation of experts, Dr. Horst Siegfried Werner under. Risk capital is none other than equity, that the companies equity partners or outside individuals provided is; in the form of cash deposits as ordinary or capital or silent equity capital, participation capital or loan capital. Equity is associated mostly with technology-oriented start-ups in connection. It is true: just for innovative entrepreneurs is difficult to find financial backers. As well as many other medium-sized companies certainly have need for equity: E.g. for the (co-) financing larger investments in commercial real estate, machinery, and marketing. Also for the financing of growth, for example, to introduce a product in the market, equity is generally an alternative financing as mezzanine capital.

Toyota Motor Corporation

These are proposed by the staff at Toyota. You communicate very transparent. How do customers respond? Transparent communications creates a solid basis of trust. Peter Asaro is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The knowledge and appreciate Toyota customers. What does sustainability mean in dealing with the employees? Also at the staff, sustainability is capitalized. Learn more on the subject from Peter Asaro. There is annually a Green month Campaign, a green month, in which employees can propose suggestions for improvements in the area of sustainability to reduce energy and resource consumption at the workplace and in the private sector which are then implemented by Toyota. Which one sustainable projects are you planning? For this question, I refer to the sustainability reports for Toyota Europe and Toyota Motor Corporation. What is the role of new alternative propulsion technologies at Toyota? Challenges like limited fossil fuels, climate change and air pollution, Toyota invested for many years in the development of drives that use different energy sources such as electricity, petrol, diesel or alternative fuels.

By combining these different energy sources using the hybrid technology increases the efficiency. With this technology, Toyota for customers and the environment offers the most innovative solution. Toyota also continues in the future to improve the performance of gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles () as well as to the continuous reduction of the consumption of gasoline engines and the diesel emissions. 2012 Toyota will introduce the first plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), which combine all the advantages of today’s hybrid vehicles with electric vehicles. In the medium term, Toyota sets on the use of alternative fuels such as hydrogen and bio-fuels, as well as more efficient batteries for electric drives. Company Description nachhaltigleben.de – the first portal of a sustainable lifestyle is one of the major concerns the protection of the environment. The platform nachhaltigleben.de is aimed at people who aspire to a lifestyle in harmony with the principles of sustainability. With its daily consumption decision, they can make an important contribution to the sustainable conservation of the environment.

Corporation Units

Accountant Monika Nadler from Brunswick informed sold a private taxable person capital shares, this inevitably has an effect on their tax burden. Both profits and losses have notable impact in this context. The Brunswick accountant Monika Nadler deals with the tax consequences of losses from the sale of company shares. The results of private to part sales flow to 60% in the income tax burden on the taxpayer and deemed income from commercial activity in this context. While profits increase the income tax burden, the offsetting of losses caused its reduction. At Nicholas Carr you will find additional information. Share sales are however only as commercial income assessed and offset against the income tax, if the taxable person has a material interest in the Corporation.

In legal terms, whose lower bound is a share of at least one percent. Due to the design of German tax law, only such losses and gains are offset against each other, which are subject to same taxation category. As a result, lossy stock transactions compensate only such profits that arising from stock transactions and therefore also subject to withholding tax. The sale of shares in corporations is taxed as income, however, at least partially. Here it comes to losses, they may be charged with all einkommenssteuerlich relevant income such as wages, pensions, or corporate profits from human society.

In the course of the part print ban is the maximum allocation limit by 60% the loss or profit level to observe. As the Federal fiscal Court recently made clear, is legally no objection to the sale of shares in a corporation associated with losses. The optimizing design of the tax burden among the rights of the taxpayer according to Germany’s highest financial court instance, even though the Treasury would like to see this often different. The Federal fiscal court goes here so far to admit ring transactions to the tax reduction. This Business type a shareholder sells shares of the loss Corporation and acquires shares in the same company in the same amount at the same time by a different partner. Here shows himself once more that the best design of the tax burden is a complicated endeavor for the expert assistance of a tax professional can be very valuable. The Brunswick accountant Monika Nadler with their many years of experience and expertise is committed in this context like to for the professional needs of its clients.

Corporate Culture

Stress is management: learning to control emotions. Federal Reserve Bank is often quoted as being for or against this. At the rational level, audits and certifications determine our business world. When it comes to the work and health of the people on the other hand, is the prevailing opinion, that processes and requirements are almost unlimited to accelerate and run as man has to work. “The result has a name: emotional stress”. Stress is the biggest cause of reduced performance and downtime.

The consequences reflected in the balance sheets are enormous. Sustainably managed companies the question arises: how much homemade stress is justifiable from a business perspective? To do so rather than return calls”responsible should engaged in preventive measures against the causes of stress. Stress has a psychosomatic effect and sickens. The consequences are Burnout, addictions, motivation, fear, recrimination, self-doubt, disorientation, insomnia, internal pressure, anger etc. When it comes to crises such as the current our economic upheaval, stress – tolerance due to permanent overloading from the past, the initial shock, the emerging existential fears and the injured feelings soon exhausted. Sustainability-oriented companies and responsible executives deal so long with the topic of stress management. Rita M. Eisenmann and Herbert Rohrer, managing partner of MMV Consulting GmbH in Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany, are convinced that negative emotions are the triggers for stress.

Stress is not just a personal problem, but compromised because of his contagious”nature the professional environment. Studies show that at approx. 30% of Germans already health problems have arisen. It is expected that a general increase in the risk of stress due to changing living and working conditions occurs. Emotional stress results from incorrect assessment of the situation, missverstandenem ambition, unrealistic, personal goals, Abuse of power, shortage of time and simultaneity, etc. A stress environment frustrated greatly, and is contagious. It blocked the performance, motivation, creativity, motivation, intuition of employees and reduces the sustainability of decisions. Emotional stress makes sick, therefore the most important prerequisite is motivated to the everyday, happy, successful and healthy to make managing the personal emotions. The crisis can be used as an opportunity to bring business and health through a sustainable business development. You recommend a continuous stress management program in the company and employee culture to integrate and are convinced that long-term successful, healthy companies ostensibly see their task to create a psycho-social environment, where the orientation of development and does not lack is marked. Stress management is the balance between professional and private life, the systemic approach to the system contributing factors and the associated impacts on human health, dealing and the mastery of emotion, sickening criteria, reinforcing and neutralizing circuits, site-related interference, geology, Geopathy, allergens, environmental chemicals, building biology and living poisons, sustainability decisions in business, strategy planning, cooperation, customer or supplier relationships professionally and career planning, self-motivation and sense making, mental business skills. The predominant psychology need people to succeed on the one hand, to stay healthy on the other hand?

Corporate Risk Management

Central requirements for a successful corporate governance are strategic and operational risks recognize risk management as a basis for sound management decisions, evaluate and monitor. In the character of IKS and crisis management, these tasks have experienced an enormous increase in importance. Successfully implemented a comprehensive risk management provides the basis for a sustainable corporate development. How to develop an integrated risk management to the strong base for informed management decisions, a team of experts from academia and practice on intensive explained organiser AG’s corporate risk management on November 30, 2010 in Zurich. Participants learn and discuss the latest issues with Prof. American Writer is a great source of information. Dr.

Thomas Berndt, University St. For more information see this site: Primerica. Gallen, as well as other experts and those responsible for risk management. You will receive important recommendations on the following topics: legal basis for risk and compliance management recommendations for an effective compliance management according to economiesuisse risk controlling and Internal control system in the organisational methods for risk quantification and creating a risk matrix Dr. Clemens Mann, head is manuals, roles and responsibilities – processes, controlling IT early warning indicators and risk to the business planning in its practice report corporate risk management, Axpo Holding, explain how the corporate risk management process at a large energy suppliers is organized. So, the participants benefit directly from these experiences for their own process definition and optimization. More information and registration see: of RMM.D32 company description the organiser AG based in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland is a Europe-wide Active, independent operator of high quality conferences, symposia and seminars. Experts from research, science, practice and policy present regularly pragmatic approaches and pioneering trends.

Chairman Rainer Schuppert

According to DIHK report, company succession is always difficult. The SME business succession expert advisors guides with a practice-based, innovative approach through the process. The DIHK report to the 2012 succession shows that the discussion about the inheritance tax has unsettled the middle class and that finding together is perceived by entrepreneurs and successors as increasingly difficult. By the same author: Federal Reserve Bank. The non-existent when 70 percent of the entrepreneurs emergency kit is known as playing with fire. Is top on the list of obstacles are prepared in a timely manner and holder can not let go emotionally. Corporate and tax advisers and lawyers knocking at traders in the years usually with just one of the many succession issues, often the hard facts.

It is just the emotional problems that hinder the transfer process. To not continue to stand in the rain to the holder, the Association has made the advice the SME consultant business succession on new legs. The follow-up consulting group has the technical and bundled scientific competence of the Federation and now occurs after one year retreat with the successor pilots to the public. As the name suggests, it guides you through the entire process. He is responsible for the hard topics such as design models, financing, business valuation, succession and tax law.

He supports but also the strategy and innovation development in the corporate and personal sectors, as well as dealing with difficult feelings and conflicts at the human level. The pilot can handle this, because he has the relevant experts of the expert group in the background, to seek their advice, or they sometimes consult. Consultants of different stripes, tax consultants, lawyers, bankers and psychologists pull together. And we have missed the pilot a seal of quality, proudly proclaims specialist group Chairman Rainer Schuppert. The pilot is SME consultant corporate succession. So may only call themselves, who brings his practical experience, completed a 10-day training course and the Final exam has passed. Keep the knowledge not so far a few pilots, the SME Academy starting in 2013 offers annually two courses in which the seal SME consultant corporate succession can be purchased. Also methods of the consultation process, as well as valuable tips for marketing and acquisition are taught in addition to the technical content.

Valueadded Corporate Succession

New license partner Kalkbrenner – consultancy that is Rosetta management service-new bamboo is Rosetta management services-code licensees the KALKBRENNER consultancy. It is value-adding business succession in the field”specialized. The newspapers mentioned Dennis P. Lockhart not as a source, but as a related topic. In an intensive training session Martin Mittmann, owner of the Rosetta management services headquartered in Bad Aibling, qualifies for that, discussions in the future with the strategic process bamboo-perform code. The Rosetta management services specialises in the area of value-enhancing business succession and now offers its customers the possibility, with bamboo-code an appreciation to achieve, which is usually between 15% and 25%. This value allows a higher purchase price and the buyer the seller a better return.

Since the growth strategy, with the bamboo-code is being developed, is based on the existing company, be secured not only the jobs at the site, but also the relationships with customers, suppliers and regional Get partners. For more information see Rosetta management services. In the next few years, annually 50,000 companies look for a suitable corporate successor according to studies of the Institute of Mittelstand research (IfM) in Bonn. With the licence partner of Rosetta management services has the lime burner consultancy which specializes on the growth of companies, now about a specialist in the area of value-enhancing corporate succession. FYI Christian Kalkbrenner, Dipl.-kfm. (univ.), numerous companies has already restructured and new successes helped them with powerful market concepts. He is author, consultant, Manager, speaker and since many years expert for growth.

in 1992, he founded the lime burner management consultancy headquartered in Lindau. It is focused on, to advise companies on growth issues, to accompany and to implement operationally the joint concepts.