Agnitum Announces Cooperation

Security Studio Endpoint Protection of Security Code is a certified comprehensive solution that ensures safe operation for users of corporate networks, intrusion, external threats, malware and spam. It is based on technology licensed Agnitum Outpost Pro. Outpost Pro product line since 2002 provides comprehensive protection for personal PCs and workstations in corporate networks. Outpost includes antivirus, personal firewall, means proactive protection, the control module of Internet activity and spam filter, and provides comprehensive protection for your PC and personal data. Security Studio Endpoint Protection (SSEP) consists of three functional components: Firewall (SSEP Firewall); Intrusion detection systems (SSEP HIPS); Anti-Virus (SSEP Antivirus). "We offer partners, technologies and products that have proven effective in combating the real threats.

In 2010, the products are Outpost received top awards from leading international and national testing organizations such as Virus Bulletin, and Matousec Transparent Security. Such recognition in the professional environment will ensure that users of technology Agnitum receive the most advanced protection for the evolution Development of online threats, "- says commercial director Agnitum Vitaly Yanko. By choosing a solution Outpost as a nucleus for a new product Security Studio Endpoint Protection (SSEP), Code Security finalized a decision in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law "On Personal Data ( 152-FZ) to the protection of information in information systems using firewalls, antivirus and intrusion detection. Certificates FSTEK obtained for each component of the SSEP (SSEP Firewall, SSEP HIPS, SSEP Antivirus), allow you to use solution for protecting your computer are treated as personal data and confidential information. Decision SSEP can be used in conjunction with the means to protect information from unauthorized access to Secret Net 6, which allows for comprehensive protection of restricted information to the workstation and allows you to centrally track information about ongoing for ARM events SSEP using the server monitoring Secret Net 6.

In the second half of 2010 the company 'Security Code' was released additional administration tools SSEP: Deployment Wizard and configure the server for updates and SSEP Administration Center, allows you to centrally deploy and configure the product on workstations in small and medium-sized organizations. In the first quarter of 2011 plans to release SSEP Administration Center for large organizations. Alexander Shirmanov, CEO "Security Code", emphasizes: "With a choice of technology for us was very important that on this basis we can provide customers a turnkey solution, which is primarily provided to protection, because attack is more important to prevent than to "cure" infections. Also an important fact served and what Agnitum – Russian developer, since the beginning, we planned to release a certified product. According to Alexander Shirmanova, cooperation is ongoing and work is already underway on a new version of the product SSEP 7.0. It is expected that the new version of the product Security Studio Endpoint Protection will be available for review in February 2011, and its certification planned in the first half of 2011