If you plan quedarte with your laptop by a long time, verifies if it is possible to increase the memory more ahead. Hard disk This is the area for computer memory and, once again, which you need depends on the number and the size of the archives that will be kept in her. If you try to handle to many videos and other archives multimedia, then dirgete to one of greater options perhaps as much as 320GB. But you do not overestimate your needs, you it will cost because in both, money and weight. Devices for DVD and CD It is good for having a device for DVD and CD, but he is not essential. If delays to reproduce many DVDs or to burn CDs, then inclyelo in your list. Of another way, you can always decide in one more a lighter machine and compacts and to buy an external device cheap you need when it.

Asegrate monitor of which you are comfortable with the size of the screen. They have a rank from 7 to 22 inches (measured diagonally, like the televisions). If you go to pasarte all the day before the screen, then generally something between the 13 and 17 inches will be well. The players of videojuegos will want something greater but he remembers, with laptops, something greater not necessarily means better. Many other factors, such as the brilliance, the color and the clearness play their role.

If you have opportunity, it reviews the screen in the light of the sun, or in as shining light you can find as it. Board Of similar way, you have that to be comfortable with the board. While more girl is the machine, more tightened it will be the board. Although you try to buy in line, it reviews the board in a store or tries to find a model of size similar to which accommodates to you, before comprometerte to this one.