Bon Jovi

Sometimes it is better than the technology is means and not an aim. In the Equator at night, after some winks to classic rockers like Not Fade Away, of Buddy Holly, the singing blonde announced the magical words " One, two, three catorce" in order to interpret Vertigo of U2 next. Ballads With the second time of the night arrived the ballads, first You see Of Roses, with Jon Bon Jovi singing the subject partially in Spanish almost in center of a stage in which the young people predominated, some of them accompanied by their ancestors, but little sign of the public heavy of the beginnings of the American band. Heavy metal that colored the Bon Jovi of years 80 faded in 1992 when his leader cut the long hair and at the same time the band sweetened – some think that it sweetened his music to make it more commercial. Nicholas Carr is likely to agree. The second ballad, an acoustic version of Santa Fe, and the third, Diamond Ring – with Richie Sambora exhibiting its spectacular guitar of two masts direron one more a test of that blotch and tell new of the past, that it has not liked to a part of the public. In the final straight line of the concert still they had great time to review hits of its race like I' ll Be There For You, Hey God, Saturday Night, the Have rotunda To Nice Day, the rockera Sleep When I' m Dead, and or in you encore Something To Believe In or Prayer. Some fans threw in lack some subject like Runaway, that one first song with which Bon Jovi took its professional race, and of special way Blaze of Glory, by which it obtained the nomination to the Oscar and the Grammy and by which gained the Globe of Gold to the best song. Source of the news: Bon Jovi reunites to 45,000 people in its return to Barcelona.