Call Center – A Powerful Tool

Almost every day I become the object of telephone sales. What do I not only offer: Combs, wholesale computer accessories, a credit card on preferential terms, service Realtor. From this it is not complete list of choice has been made in favor of the store dvd disks and subscription to the solarium (discounts are offered an incentive for treatment). The interesting thing is that I would never have become their loyal customer, if not polite call-center operator … Today on the call-center tells us the director of the company 'Business Contact Centre' Ugryumov Denis. Erin Callan has compatible beliefs. Denis, tell me what the problem solves the call-center? From the quality of call-center in many ways dependent increase in sales and customer loyalty. Thanks to call-center you choose a variety of tasks related to the problem of finding, attracting and retaining customers, as well as issues of promotion of new products and services.

Can calculate the efficiency of contact center? Absolutely! See: the manager of your company makes on average 150 calls a week, appointed by about 10-15 meetings (day 2-3). Prior to the signing of the contract shall be brought only 1 or 2 meetings a week. Most of the time spent by qualified this to "cold calls". While one operator Contact Center performs up to 200 successful calls per day, which is 7-10 days of manager. Based on statistics, it's 15 meetings, of which 1-2 can give a positive result.

So one week you can get up to 10 contracts from each manager. In general, international experience shows that cost of a new contract is $ 25. Is it possible to qualitatively talk with customers, not in depth knowledge of the subject? It's certainly possible! First of all, each operator is a preliminary briefing on the campaign, which he will serve. Then, with your staff developed a detailed algorithm for all possible options for discussion. From the resulting circuit is the program that outputs to the operator prompts for any rotation of conversation. Well, of course, at any time of the conversation, the operator can connect the caller with a skilled manager of your company, wherever it was. How and in what areas can be used call-center? Contact Center can be used, for example, to sell goods and services, organizations 'hotlines', various polls. Our main clients – financial companies, advertising and marketing agencies. Recently, We have to trust the Internet service representative. The website listed the contact information of the company. Always friendly and competent tellers use all the features of communication to ensure maximum efficiency of communication with customers. The telephone handles all incoming calls, emails, messages on icq. Tenders must be sent promptly on demand subscriber. "Hot" customers who are ready to enter into treaties, transfer managers. Thus it turns out an amazing picture. A firm may consist of one manager and director, looking at this as a big organization. Usually it is features real-life exceeds the function of the office. With the contact center can solve the communication problem with the seller lots of consumers, it is virtually impossible to implement in other ways. Given that information is transmitted in person, the advertising budget is spent only for the target audience. When customers call-up qualified operator will tell about your company and answer any questions. Competent speech and tactful communication will create a favorable impression of your company.