Car Loan Finance

Lending, at first glance, is a very normal thing. Customer wants to buy something, but their money is not enough. The Bank, in turn, this makes. But it is only at first glance. When it starts the actual process itself obtain the loan, misses the point, giving the impression that there mnogoraundovy battle of two boxers. Read more here: Farallon Capital Management. The success of the bank in this fight – or a car loan issuance under much more stringent than planned client, or as it may seem – the refusal to grant credit to auto “problem” to the borrower. In such a battle victory of the bank depends on the professionalism of the staff, and the success of the client more than the following factors: his knowledge of credit issues, experience and, sometimes, the work of coaches in the face of a mortgage broker or banker friend.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, to your attention the battle for the issuance of a car loan. Round One. Acquaintance. Bank begins with reconnaissance and causes a series of strikes in a variety of tempting offers: “The rate of 5,55%,” “zero down payment”, “minimum package of documents”, “Solution for 24 hours.” The client avoids strikes and holds the answer: “The rate of 5,55% – a full time job? “,” I have to help the minimum wage. I can arrange auto loans with zero down payment? “,” My wife did not live together, but officially still married. It somehow affects a loan on a car? “,” Solution for 24 hours.