Today there are no keywords, money Internet, marketing, labels, business; today I want to take a moment, with all intensity of my feelings to Chile. I feel an indescribable impotence within me, by what is happening in that country; Some may think that I have many Chilean friends or perhaps am Chilean and why the emotion so strong that I intend to express. No, I’m not Chilean, I have not Chilean friends; but I had to closely live the Mexico earthquake in 1985. That easy i.e., tremor was of such intensity and took five minutes, etc. When live something like these earthquakes, you try to understand what the supposed prophets say, about the end of the world; you see people killed everywhere, sewage with the drinking running together, dogs killed there, cries of pain beyond, rubble here, superb buildings made dust, screaming sirens, informants by radio and television esmerandose in giving the news. Reach the supports from all parts of the world, the humble people, they are the first who cooperate with their similar, come the country’s policies and encourages all, after some time forgets everything; because, in another part of the world there is a new story, one misfortune more. What is not always counted is what follows; the misfortunes of this magnitude leave footprint by generation. To date, when you walk through one of the largest cities in the world; Mexico, D.F you can see buildings that collapsed 25 years ago, nothing has been done, they are as silent witnesses of this misfortune. After ten years of earthquake, 1995 I was in Mexico, I wanted to deal with the subway, and being in the anden waiting line, began to tremble with a medium intensity, but the train began to balance and the Rails to grind, saw how the people started to cry, men and women without distinction; they fell on their knees to beg for his life, some women desmayaron collapsing is on the floor.