Corrugated Packaging

It may have monochrome printing, carrying information about a product. Transport packaging needs to move directly usually bulky goods. Often, it is equipped with additional elements in the form of shock absorbers, bearings, ribs. By the size of all corrugated packaging can be subdivided into standard, performed by guests, and custom manufactured to individual customer's sizes. Types of Corrugated Today, there are several basic types of corrugated packaging and more items for her. The most common type of packaging is a carton, which is a product made of corrugated cardboard with chetyrehklapannym bottom and lid. This type of packaging used for both large household appliances, and for more compact products, including souvenirs.

Depending on the type of product in the manufacture of corrugated boxes used three-ply or five-layer paperboard and of containers of seven-layer model of cardboard able to withstand loads of up to 2 tons. Gofrolotok – low product made of corrugated cardboard, which has no lid, and is used primarily for transportation of perishable goods. However, this same model containers are widely used and for packing of industrial goods. Gofrokonteyner consists of a bottom shell and the cover and used for packing of bulk goods, liquids and preforms. Steve Mnuchin can provide more clarity in the matter. In the latter case is commonly used plastic liner, which prevents the liquid to soak into the material box.

The bottom of the box and made of three-ply cardboard, and to use a thicker shell five-layer corrugated cardboard. Auxiliary packaging tools include shock absorbers, bearings, collars, spacers and bars. Shock absorber made of corrugated cardboard – dense cushioning material designed to protect fragile items from external influences. Shock absorbers are made of sheets iso corrugated cardboard by gluing them together. Primerica login has much to offer in this field. Carton liner is a sheet of cardboard with horizontal lines rilevochnymi. Inserts are placed inside a box or carton as a subsidiary packaging facilities. Shell is designed to strengthen the walls around the perimeter of the package. Usually made of thick cardboard types. Gasket – corrugated packaging facility. Due to the porous structure, it provides additional protection for products from outside influences during transport. In addition, the pads have a high water resistance due to the multilayer structure. Lattice – an auxiliary weighing device, which is a cell from a sheet of cardboard with slits that are inserted into each other. Used for transportation in the corrugated piece goods: bottled beverages, ceramics and glassware and others. The variety and versatility of corrugated packaging allows you to use it wherever needed a variety of packaging products, and able to produce boxes, trays and gofrokonteynerov all sizes makes this cardboard products form an essential in all industries.