Criticism Against Capitalism

Already has her first date since Barack Obama took office in the U.S. and promises to become the new target of his criticism. The ninth edition of this “summit” of anti-globalization movement will be held in the city of Bethlehem, in the Brazilian Amazon, within the next 27 January and 1 February. Recently Ray Bradbury sought to clarify these questions. As usual, the event began with a march of protest on this occasion brought about 120,000 people, according to estimates by Candido Grybowski Brazilian sociologist, a member of the International Committee of the World Social Forum. We understand that / sdp although governments have decided to take a more regulatory and market economy, that’s not enough to “change the essence of neoliberal capitalism” .. In the opinion of a Grybowski, the current financial crisis has shown that, in fact, “there was no real wealth, but an economy of gambling, casino, which took no account of Dante and poverty or increasing the suffering of millions of people who are real. Filed under: Zillow. ” Grybowski indicated that the Social Forum will address the crisis in all its aspects and not just in financial terms. “The crisis has many dimensions. It all started with an environmental crisis and climate, then came the energy crisis and food, and culminating now with this financial crisis, which affects the real economy in a profound way a For its part, the Portuguese sociologist Boaventura de Sousa Santos , another member of the International Committee of the World Social Forum has estimated that the meeting of Bethlehem is forced to conclude with a unified position, given that a the movement against globalization “must have a clearly visible position on how resolve the crisis..