Federal Executive Commission

The day after the electoral fiasco already numerous voices in the PSOE had arisen that consider an authentic silly thing to put under the organization to the tension of primary elections. The ideal scene, and that many will advocate in stop, is the one of a pact between the vice-president first, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba and the minister of Defense, Car to me Chacn, so that together they form the tandem that represents to them for the next general elections. Yesterday already there was an advance payment of this demand in the own Federal Executive Commission; one of most difficult that the PSOE in many years when having has lived to confront an immense loss of being able autonomic and local. But today the general vice-secretary of the party, White Jose, has assured in an interview in the Chain TO BE that he does not wish ” agreements between bambalinas” in order to choose the successor of Zapatero. And it has indicated that it prefers that ” resultado” it wakes up credibility, confidence and illusion to that it serves to have the control of the party.