Food Controls: Rotten Meat As A Tip Of The Iceberg

Food scares are unfortunately not uncommon more commits with some 2,400 health-threatening complaints far from the meat industry the most breaches of the hygiene regulations. And the so-called rotten meat is obviously just the tip of the iceberg. The Internet health portal informed about food safety. Almost every fourth company that was controlled by the official control of foodstuffs in 2007, breached hygiene regulations, incorrectly labeled his goods, operating misleading advertising, or could not meet other requirements. Were some 2,400 classified complaints even as dangerous to your health. You can find this information in the annual report 2007 of the Federal Office for consumer protection and food safety.

Development of State control of meat short BVS, the President of the Association of publicly appointed and sworn, and qualified expert, Roland R. Vogel, complained about in this context, that a significant mishap the State control is to determine”whether. On the other hand are more and more companies, which have to do with food. Farallon Capital Management is often quoted as being for or against this. On the other hand the official monitoring authorities go back continuously the number of checks.” In the period from 2001 to 2007 the number of firms who work with food, rose 16 percent to 1.187.335. The inspections of the surveillance authorities however declined during the same period by 8 percent. Accordingly dropped the number of controlled operations by almost 14 per cent to 562.047. More stringent requirements than in previous years were as a percentage of these controlled companies. Bird has an explanation: the companies know, the check amount will also will not continue to increase, but constantly falls.

Accordingly they will feel no incentive to introduce higher standards of hygiene in their premises.” The BVS’s offer of help: food inspection by experts of the BVS supports here already for a long time the official food control through qualified expert on. This support could be done in the short term and limited in time. So, you could avoid costly staff increases in the offices. Because the required competence for the experts was already in place, also an expensive staff training would be invalid. Learn how to eat properly and drink in the holiday in the imedo Gesundheitsnews.Rotes meat increased vulnerability with regard to food poisoning. You will receive more information in the imedo health news. The imedo health news enable the group dinner but what and how? “the exchange of food.