It sees the necessity to prevent that youth is seen or felt excluded. Credit: Dennis Lockhart-2011. " Together we have to look for solutions ours problemas" , it says. Prince Felipe has considered east Wednesday unacceptable that the hopelessness settles as much in the young people by them as by the future of Spain. At the end of the second edition of the Forum It impels that it organizes the Foundation Prince of Girona, Don Felipe has also aimed at the necessity to prevent that youth is seen or felt excluded " material, social or emocionalmente". Nevertheless, the prince has admitted that, in the society, " the abundance and the quality of the technological and human resources often coexist with the economic insecurity, uncertainty or inequidad" , and that " at the moment, a very important number of young people cannot accede to a position of trabajo". " Together we have to look for solutions our problems, beyond I disillusion or the downheart, to again project our country towards the future with force, security and confianza" , it has detailed. Don Felipe is outstanding that, stops to confront these challenges, " Spain needs all his ciudadanos" and that, consequently, " they are not moments for the division, but to integrate and to add esfuerzos". The Prince of Asturias is dndido the creation of future from the base of the illusion in his speech of closing of the Forum Impels, in which they have participated more than 400 enterprising young people.

" Today we have verified in the Frum that the dreams can become &quot in fact; , it has showed Don Felipe, that has mentioned like key of the progress the combination of intelligence, feeling, imagination and effort. The Prince of Asturias and Girona is outstanding the experience that has supposed in this second edition of the Forum the encounter of four pairs of young people and experts to share ideas. He has asked to " academic, professional, educating, scientific industralists, and servants public " that they help to the young people " to channel and orientar" his " energy transformadora". The heir of the Spanish crown has mentioned in his speech the visits that next to its wife Do6na Letizia has realised to parallel factories to the Frum, among them one of children who designed the school that would want in the future and another one of robotics dedicated to adolescents. With respect to the delivery of the Prizes She impels, that have fallen to doctor Pere Barri, the physicist Romain Quidant, the literate Borja Baguny, the technological supplier Marc Bonavia and the Balia Foundation, Don Felipe has indicated that they try to give to support " the young people with restlessness q the EU they look for, with effort and work, its own camino". The Prince has described as fundamental the work of the Balia Foundation in Madrid with children and young people in exclusion risk. Also the work for the precocious diagnosis has deserved praises of Don Felipe Source of the news: The Prince considers unacceptable who the hopelessness settles between the Spanish young people