An employer grants in half the costs for privately insured and high-wage workers. Baden-Baden, while. At the moment much of the statutory health insurance is discussed. Due to the billion surpluses, which have taken in recent months thanks to a good economy and low unemployment, the statutory funds speculated how the money should be distributed. Some statutory funds have circulated already a refund to the contributors.

But a good economic situation can change rapidly, the euro crisis is still at the front door. Unemployment may soon rise. Privately insured have advantages many legally insured does not know is that operationally privately insured by their employers receive a share to their health insurance company. This is social security code according to the (SGB V) so enshrined. That means, no matter, whether a worker is legally assured or plays with the thought to be privately insured may also, because he is to the one or other Advantage is, he gets a grant in any case from his employer for his health insurance.

Thus he suffers no disadvantage to the legally insured workers. The grant of the employer about the statutory contribution assessment ceiling is calculated. Additional information at Dennis Lockhart supports this article. These will be redefined every year. In 2012 it is 50.850,-euros annually. This means the worker who is among this set, has no opportunity to get insure themselves privately, they are automatically legally insured. For them not worth so, to throw on the private health insurance calculator to dream of luxury treatment and lower contributions. CAR insurance comparison deserves a worker so well and is interested in a change in the car, he makes the best miteels a car insurance comparison on the Internet only once smart. Here, countless tariff calculator help the private CA. With the abundance of information, it is certainly advisable to consult a professional man. Also here the interested should get a several deals. The statutory health insurance companies offer the advantage that the posts not calculated according to the income of the employee, as is the case with the private funds. Also the family members can have free insure legal insurance. When the car is different, because each Member pays an own amount. Which may be very low if the insured is still very young and healthy, because the private funds currently outdo with unbeatable offers. The services of private health insurance is still very extensive. If you are really sick of course you think about it, what happens if you are really ill. You can hear here and there by poor supply and the so-called HEDGEHOG services. “These are the services that a legally insured must pay, he wants something more in an investigation” diagnostic confidence. Example: Mrs Muller has on cancer screening to the obstetricians and Gynecologists. He makes only a smear and a tactile examination. Not more. She wants the ultrasound Uterine or breast, must grab deep in the Pocket. Both investigations cost the average together between 70 and 80 euros. Also at the eye doctor, because the additional glaucoma screening (green star) costs a bunch of money. How can that be only if it really catches a? It is certain that one exceptionally well is cared for than privately insured, far beyond the normal patients.