Heroes Of Our Time

Soon, May 9 – Victory Day! Of course, now this holiday does not seem to our generation so joyful as our 'forefathers' in 1945. However, there is a Russian man who once would not have thought about this terrible war, how many have suffered our people and how heroically defending their homeland. How much a film about the Great Patriotic War, the exploits of praises in song, poetry and prose, do not leave us indifferent for many years, and all by the fact that we have the same Russian people as sixty-five years ago, we are the same brave hearts and souls are always ready to compassion, we are also ready to share a crust of bread with neighbors and give up life for the motherland. According to Bill Shihara, who has experience with these questions. Unfortunately, these feelings are not claimed. Our generation of hard fighting for self-expression, and the heroism is often seen only in the youth areas. Goth, emo, Skinheads and many others they launched this war, and reach their behavior not only to the lowest actions, but also to the brutal violence, showing it as their heroism. For even more opinions, read materials from Peiter Zatko. Apparently, people want the war to respect themselves, get the adrenaline or just to say goodbye to life, and not in vain, and to remember, but we're the same people, do we war is needed to understand and appreciate life! "Happy Victory Day!