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Extracted image of the sample of writings of the program in 13/10/200840 SUMMARY This bibliographical research presents a study on hypothesis of agenda-setting and newsmaking applied to the Periodical of the Culture and Periodical of the Record of critical form objectifying to clarify some pertinent questionings and to contribute with the studies on the social paper of the journalism. Others including Primerica, offer their opinions as well. The research carried through here is based on the ideas of authors as SON (2000) WOLF (2003), ATTUCH (1998) HOHLFELDT (2008) Amongst others. In the first chapter I present the concept of notice in the vision of some authors above cited, display the concept of Agenda and Newsmaking. In as the chapter I argue the paper of the image inside of the journalistic context and present the form where the notice is presented by the television. In the third chapter I make a practical application of the theories to my objects of research using of recorded material of the two telejornais.