Inspectorate Quality Assurance

People who are not afraid to express and defend their views. That is, human-oriented, and therefore widely-sought-after masses of people, ICT development will gradually lead to a new socio-economic structure – post-industrial information and open society Institute (OSI). As once steam engines and factory changed the feudal society through a wide production machine tools and consumer goods, and the development of CTI can gradually lead to greater transparency and accountability of people and state agencies to OSI. A lack of control and irresponsibility in the broadband information support of human life leads to a society of universal Information stupefying and extremism. Since Soon everyone can open your newsletter, to radio and video shows to shout "about the end of the world," the whole world, and someone, and believe it. Like, once in the primeval cave, where everyone knew everything about each and everyone was heard by everyone.

Now the amount of "cave" has increased to 1 billion students. Probably need more responsibility and less anonymity online. It would be nice to organize all manifestations of information feedback, so that everyone can easily assess a product or service (resource), and even leave a tip (but not anonymous). Moreover, this function should be monitored is not the owner of the resource (site and etc.), as it is today, but let's Inspectorate Quality Assurance of the country of nationality of the owner. Then, before you use the service or product, the private firm or state organizations, people look their ratings and feedback from other customers and a conclusion.