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Quintiles commercial Germany GmbH to once again awarded Mannheim, April 19, 2010 for the sixth time in a row this was Mannheim based company quintiles commercial Germany GmbH (until January 2010 Innovex GmbH) in the competition of the great place to work Institute Award as one of the best employers of in Germany. Almost at the same time won the company in the competition of Germany’s customer-oriented Este service provider”for the second time in a row a place among the best 50 participants. Quintiles of Healthcare offers all over the world and from a single industry clinical research, marketing and sales, consulting services and financing concepts. Recently, quintiles had with its four areas of clinical, commercial, consulting and capital of his new strategy under the motto of navigating the new health”published. In a market, both for the healthcare company, as also all other stakeholders almost daily new challenges consols, must be a good service provider maximum flexibility, capacity for innovation and Show implementation strength. About executing people is in this area, we believe that only the optimum balance between customer and employee orientation can meet these requirements. The good grades that exhibit us employees and customers in this contests, show us that this balancing act well succeed”, is the belief by Monika Beintner, CEO of quintiles commercial Germany GmbH. For six years, the company participates in the competition among Germany’s best employers and therefore belongs to only 11 companies total, that have received the award so many times in a row.

Since 2003 the annual benchmark study will be carried out place to work Institute Germany the great. Currently supports the great place to work Institute as an independent international research and consulting companies worldwide in the development of a trusting and successful workplace culture. So some more the quintiles are group best employers in their respective national competitions, as well as partial also best employer of Europe – an award that quintiles commercial Germany GmbH, at that time still under the name of Innovex, won in 2007.