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Fit for the future: healthy and creative employees as a success factor the health of the staff plays an increasingly important role for sustainable business success. She considered important drivers for the operational conversion and innovation ability. The current publication healthy and successful work in the Office presents selected findings and concrete recommendations for action. More and more companies face the challenging task to give an appropriate role in the operational context of the health of their employees. In particular the rising expectations of individual creativity and the operational capacity for innovation require a qualified theming of the Office and knowledge work also from a health perspective. Health in this context above all, means that the interaction between of mental and physical forms of work allows creativity and promotes. The Fraunhofer IAO has extensive experience in the research and practical design of Office and knowledge work. The current publication includes selected research results of the Institute of labour science and health management.

. The Gesunheitsprinzipien of development ability, the ability of balancing and self-regulation are the emphasis. Furthermore, shows the book which potential benefits a humane work and Office design can be realised; It gives practical advice on the implementation and provides a view on foreseeable future developments. Healthy and successful work in the Office of Univ.-Prof..