January Loan

Collection of disparate financial institutions offering various business credit services, can be regarded as system only if they are built stable financial relationships between its various elements – banks, credit cooperatives, leasing companies, venture capital funds aimed at providing, storage, management and redistribution, in the end, the attraction of financial resources. Unacceptable if the state resources, federal and regional budgets or loans from international financial institutions are the sole or main source of programs for lending to small businesses. Therefore, one of the most important qualities of small business lending should be "Self-sufficiency, ability to attract resources from the capital market, accumulate savings and the accumulation of citizens with a minimum and maximum effective mediation of the state. The initiators of this could act as banks and securities market participants. Noting the success of banks to build loan portfolios over the past 2-3 years, in no case should not reduce the system itself, lending exclusively to the banking sector.

Credit institutions alone can not solve the problem of securing financial resources, especially small loans, a segment of newly established small and family businesses. Yahoo: the source for more info. But it is precisely this kind of enterprises, as expected, could be produced particularly active in the economy in coming years. The main unresolved problem in securing the loan is the lack or insufficiency of seed capital to small businesses. When registration of a credit transaction the client is trying to get the necessary amount from the bank completely. The bank is interested that the client was involved with their money in the loan project. The Bank believes that the only way the client will be interest in the development of the case and launched a desire to repay the loan. No less popular than bank loans, will be financial services credit cooperatives and other non-credit organizations, activities which may be the most effective for sound public support.

Hey, bankers, where are you?? Our dossier. Top 150 small businesses in the world (as at January 2006) had a gross loan portfolio of $ about $ 5 billion, serving with more than 20 million customers. In Russia, according to January 2006, there were about 1,200 small financial institutions (primarily credit consumer cooperatives and foundations to support small entrepreneurship). They serve about 400,000 customers, with the aggregate portfolio of micro-loans amounted to approximately $ 500 million and the average level of delinquencies on these loans was about 3%.