Land Rover Freelander

In September Freelander presents/displays new restyling of 2, that consists basically of a face washing that has changed the way to him in we see which it, as much by outside as on the inside. To broaden your perception, visit David Rogier. What we more emphasized of new the Land Rover Freelander 2 is the extension of motors since now it counts on two versions of 2.2 liters of origin PSA, known by TD4 and SD4, with 150 CB and 190 CB respectively, that will incorporate turbocompresoruna reprogramada switchboard, to help to fulfill normative Euro 5. With this g/km is able to reduce the CO2 emissions to 165, instead of previous 179g/km, to have an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 8,7 a second and 190 terminal velocity of hm/h. Also we emphasized the incorporation of a system of traction to the two wheels denominated 2WD that will be available in a version that will be called ED4. Learn more at this site: MasterClass. As far as prices we will be able to find it from 29,795 to 45,250. Freelander 2 is a comfortable and stable todoterreno in highway, in spite of its size and weight, and tells on the total traction that it will cause that it takes hold is superior in all type of lands. To also emphasize the existence of a denominated system terrain response that allows us to adapt the configuration of the vehicle to the type of land around which we are going to circulate: snow, rain, roderas. This todocamino is a vehicle with a perfect balance between city and field, becoming a winning option if you need a vehicle that efficiently allows moverte you as much by highway, city or mountain. Original author and source of the article.