THE DEATH The skeleton, that can be masculine or feminine, represents variations in the present that will be shaped in events of the future. The energy of the skeleton serves like force of rupture to loosen the chains that tie and stop the change. Transforming principle of all the things, and leads through the metamorphosis to a renovation. Right: All it preludes a change, can be a lost one, the rupture of a friendship, or of an association and not of necessarily because of a death, also she can announce a disease that can arrive at you complete consequences. Serious good for making examination of it brings back to consciousness and to prepare the way for new projects, perhaps that decision that we even had posponed that we did not dare to take will be stood out, to our grief.

But like it happens when harvesting the grass, the death announces here the germination of buds of new ideas, new expectations. Key words: Complete transformation. Died and Renaissance. The aim of something. Evolution from a state to another superior.

Beneficial change. Invested: It forms passive scene, immobility, stagnation, we let ourselves win by the boredom, inertia takes the rudder to us. It can also mean a serious mishap not necessarily mortal. Key words: Stagnation, death, petrifaction. Incurable disease. Broken marriage. Lack of opportunities, hope exhausted. Interpretations: In concrete it: Transformation, change, destruction followed by renovation. In work: Change of use or transfer within the same place of work. In money: The luck turns its way, the money arrival can surprise wonderfully, like disappearing or stagnating momentarily. In friendship: Change of relations, disappears many friendships of the past. In family: Distance of a near relative. In health: To take care of the nervous system, abdomen and poisonings. In love: Change of pair or new beginning from another commitment and gives.