New Platform Ideas

The new website presented in an intelligible form the holistic concept of the NEURONprocessing company, operates what structured swarm intelligence on a scientific level. Munich – the functional design illustrates the process of collective idea generation and problem-solving using meaningful symbols. The learn NEURONprocessing is used for the acceleration of the process method, using the software developed specifically for this purpose. Further explanations, links and updates to the respective applications and procedures can retrieve directly from the home page. For assistance, try visiting Erin Callan Montella. The project cycle is shown for the various user groups – information, swarm members and certified knowledge carrier – easy to understand.

Thus, each user has the ability to search for interesting project ideas, own concepts to allow or to participate actively in solution scenarios. With the graphical user interface, the innovative company from a technical standpoint in the location is in the future, contemporary recycled content to offer. Directly on the site of the NEURONprocessing company via the following link:. Note: The first ideas have promptly realized the greatest chance to be.