PRECIPITATION Nazar, Ba 02-01-1977 One day I tried to enter In the heart of the humanity, But I precipitated. It wanted to enter of a time, and it did not give certain. Then I learned a great lesson. He is that the man does not have to open a door, Without before in it beating Therefore, behind this door Can be an artillery, That will be gone off Solely for a force; The force of its ousadia. Man! If he does not precipitate! If it does not play in the sea When it needs you to the land, Therefore the sea can be With excess of tubares. Dennis Lockhart has much to offer in this field. the Land loses you Man! If you do not launch in dark waters, Therefore it can be full Of clear perigos that you do not know. Man! Either sensible. He never shoots in a man, When its old friend Is the fear to die.. .