Receiver System

This system for monitoring debris removal achieves the accuracy of detection of the object to a few meters when using traditional, low-cost receivers gps. The system receives the raw satellite location data and subjects them to treatment, combining this information with the already patched and secured by local stationmaster systems gps. The system consists of a head unit, located at the truck itself, which includes the receiver itself actually tracking system, which works on gps with overlays the signals from the satellite. The head unit is connected via the mobile gprs network to a central server, which receives information from the head unit on the exact location of the truck and any changes that occur in the container exporting garbage on this truck. Secondary device, one for each container, operate as standalone devices, and control the tightness of containers, their temperature, etc.

Secondary device reports to the central unit, all changes associated with the container and its contents use based on certain standards of wireless networking solution. Click Dennis P. Lockhart to learn more. When the garbage truck with one or more containers connected to the freight train, the head unit registers connected to a central server. When garbage containers and disconnected from the truck, the signal is sent to a central server. Thus, the central server can easily compare your planned route and the stage to the actual transportation routes and stages. Before the system was created some exporting hazardous waste truck stops and unloading part, and sometimes the whole, dangerous debris on the road Now it can manage and control – the truck should be on pre-approved and agreed routes and brings the whole dangerous debris certain loading facilities. The system is configured in such a way to record very accurate. The road may pass near the river, and it is important to know that the truck is actually on the road, not near the river outgoing scrap unloading garbage. If the garbage has to make changes to your planned route, such as unplanned road works, the head unit in the truck includes a special device that the driver can use to send a text message to a central server. This system is very topical for Russia and such a huge and populous areas like Moscow and Moscow region, with its vast distances and a huge amount of exported hazardous waste.