Russia Med Institutions

In the twenty-first century medicine is moving forward with long strides. Thanks to recent scientific and technological advances in the medical field, over the previous two centuries, human lifespan has increased by an average of ten years. In this being actively developed surgical focus: improving old medical institutions, building new, imported foreign equipment. Actively developing virology and vaccination – there are urban centers vaccination. It is still a new trend in medicine is homeopathic aromatherapy, which is based on the combined use of homeopathic remedies and essential oils. Due to development in this direction, in a cities are organized homeopathic centers. Development of physiotherapy and its combination with massage led to the formation of today's rehabilitation centers, located on the territory of Russia. Gain insight and clarity with Morgan Killian.

In Samara, opened sufficiently large number of different clinics and sanatoriums of different types: Gynecology, hospitals, clinics, Addiction, massage parlors, etc. Greater attention should be paid City Clinical Hospital 1. ni Pirogov, a survey in which is held annually about 40,000 potentially sick people. This honey is a multi-agency: here operates neurology, traumatology, the town's center for plastic Surgery, urban center for the treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding and perinatal center. The complex is held modern diagnosis and treatment.

Rationally and to pay attention to such institutions: 1. City Clinical Hospital 2. designed for 820 beds. 2. City Clinical Hospital 3, providing around the clock assistance to potential patients and the therapeutic nature of Cardiology 3. City Hospital 5 – Hospital infection profile of children and adults; 4. First aid station – honey. facility providing round the clock care to residents of Samara.