Salary Schemes

Site – a collection of articles for sales managers in each company has its own scheme. They are almost all typical, but nonetheless, every employer is trying to cheat manager. How to deal with it? Must thoroughly examine your design scheme. In this article I will discuss examples in which you make your conclusions. From personal experience I know if I had not checked the calculation protsentovki, it is not dopoluchal would average about 40% of salary.

The point that the estimator of accounting specifically whether, in a nedoumiyu, but, characteristically, more often finds in the smaller side. It's a pity? Not a word. We take matters into their own hands. The scheme for obtaining money. Feel the difference! There is a scheme of calculating your earned money, and it is the scheme of their receipt.

Some companies pay for the work of the manager only after the completion of the transaction, that is, there was a sale of goods and money received for goods from the customer. Only then you will feel the rustle of banknotes. The second option – to protsentovki after receiving a deposit from the client. These companies are preferable, firstly, it means that delays will most likely not, and this means that the company you trusts. I've seen employers that have come up with cunning schemes, such as payment only after the month of shipment (this is advantageous for the company due to inflation), but this is rare, and this requires very educated financiers, or for example, payments to suppliers in foreign currency, because a company decides when to pay the money, depending on the course …