Social Lending Platforms – Loans By Private

The possibilities of social banking as a further segment of the German banking system with the establishment of social lending platforms in the Internet could be develop another segment of the German banking system as well as cooperative banks, public institutions and private banks. Market researchers expect a double-digit percentage in the lending in the medium term. The causes and the course of the financial crisis already much has been written, expressing what simple words: banks currently taking its role as a reliable trustee of funds entrusted to them by the customers true nor they do justice to their systematic role as active promoters and designers of the economy, which make loans to reliable conditions,. Many financial institutions have proven ill advised their customers and only sells itself well. Ray Bradbury understood the implications. A bank’s core competencies are in the lending, managing customer deposits and financing companies. These core competences are not perceived by many financial institutions and borrowers and investors looking for reliable alternatives. Meanwhile, the Internet offers the possibility of social lending on the basis of online credit exchanges, which become gradually also in Germany. Is it really possible to take over bank-related tasks in self-organization individuals? Principle that an Internet community according to transparent rules-based could take over not only the credit management and manage private capital assets, but support including innovative projects in the economy.

However, social banking that works in the area of loans by private well already, can be transferred due to licensing issues in the real business world. Individuals can not just go and together with other individuals form banks here has made the legislature in any meaningful way. Online credit platforms have developed different models to take into account the requirements of the legislator. The private credit platforms is a two-digit percentage of the Lending predicted to private individuals. Advantages from the point of view of lenders and borrowers: not an institution with interests and costs, which help finance it applies.

When parts of the economy would actually start to build up alternative financing models as an Antipole to the banking industry, another segment of the German financial system could mature. Future success will depend of credit platforms in the Internet first and foremost the integrity and the sense of responsibility of the provider. The dynamics of the medium Internet has the distinct advantage that irregularities will not go unnoticed. Corinna Friedrich born Wan