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Today Estate Marfino is considered a military target. Egyptian pyramid in Taganrog, in early September 2008 in Taganrog, in front of the Central Park has appeared in Taganrog composition "The Egyptian Pyramid, created by the story of Anton Chekhov's" Kashtanka. The Egyptian pyramid "is intended primarily for children – told author of the monument Dmitry Lyndin. – We are familiar with "Kashtanka" from a young age and it is easy to learn this subject. I think the guys will get a lot of pleasant experiences, it will be interesting to climb the pyramid and take pictures with the bronze heroes of the story – hilarious pig sow Ivanovna, elegant goose, Ivan Ivanovich, great cat Fyodor Yershov and the famous Kashtanka. Townspeople say that if you make a wish near and rub pig snout, the desire will come true. The Egyptian pyramid "- the first of four mini-sculptures, which will be installed in the city to celebrate the 150 th anniversary of Anton Chekhov, scheduled for 2010.

Any dog Nekrasov traveling from St. Petersburg to Moscow passes Chudovo. With Chudovskij land connected the whole period in the work of the poet Nekrasov. Front of the house-museum in 1951 erected a monument of P. Krivorutskogo where Nekrasov depicted with a gun and a favorite dog Kado, who died here. Dog hunting accident shot the poet's wife Zinaida. Nikolai Alekseevich very hard going through the death of his four-legged friend.

Kado was buried in a garden near the house and put on tomb of a dark gray granite slab. In the garden near the house, and now lies plate with the inscription: "Kado, Black Pointer, was excellent for hunting, an irreplaceable friend of the family. Born June 15, 1862, killed in hunting accident May 2, 1875 r ". Photos: Expert-Online The monument to Laika April 11, 2008 in Moscow has opened a monument to Laika, a dog that has gone down in history as the discoverer of the cosmos. During the flight, November 3, 1957 a dog died from the overheating of the spacecraft. Sculpture mongrel-astronaut set on Peter-Razumovskaya mall in the State Scientific Research Institute of Military Medicine of the Ministry of Defense. The monument to Laika 3 meters 70 centimeters has kind of rocket, which fades into a symbolic hand. Its lower part – part of the spaceship "Vostok", the well-known fact that he lifted into space the first man. In the case of the Eskimo dog which was the fifth run, as evidenced by the number of fingers on a hand. At the heart of palm – at 1 meter 60 centimeters from the ground – put the dog, made a life-size. Her gaze is directed at building the laboratory of the Institute of Military Medicine, where she was ready to fly. The height of the monument to 3.85 meters, weight 1860 kg. Dog is made of bronze, the base of the monument to the "hand-rocket" – made of cast iron. The author of the concept of the monument – a member of the Journalists Union of Russia Sergey Pakhomov. And worked on the husky "father" of stars – Izhevsk sculptor Pavel Medvedev. According to the newspaper UK, first at a monument to Laika had big financial problems: it is known that Russian institutes do not have money to spend. In bronze and cast iron statue cast on Ironworks Ltd PC "LIT" in Tchaikovsky – the same place where the dog found the material embodiment asterisk, Izhevsk Crocodile monument Kuzebayu Gerd, fences, grilles, stair assemblies waterfront Izhevsk pond …