Staudt Protection

The Sun inexorably penetrates your disks and freely attacks your skin, but also your furniture and decor, your goods! The most effective protection is the sunscreen against UV radiation, the fading, firing or brittle are of the exhibition goods. This confirms also Dipl. economist Uwe Deichert in its technical documentation. Also a slide etc never prevents fading for 100%, but it extended protection against fading and the associated exchange of exhibition goods etc, depending on the sensitivity of the product greatly. But first and foremost human beings should protect yourself from this increasingly aggressive, cancer-causing radiation. The film is almost not to recognize when proper installation.

It is available in “Clear” or “very fine toned”. Our UV protective films used in museums to preserve of valuable exhibits. The films have a UV transmittance of less than 0.1%. and also offer a sun protection. In children’s rooms u.s.w, in kindergartens, schools should not miss the film. High-quality UV protection films tinting filters harmful radiation to over 99% at 280-380 nm.

The slides are absolutely “clear” or “very fine toned” and as well as not to recognize the disc. This special UV-protective film applied always from the inside on the discs and have no negative impact on the glass. Through the internal routing, these films have a life expectancy of at least 15-20 years without seriously losing the films performance …und also a cleaning of the slide is easily possible. In addition, it has a scratch-resistant “hard-coat” coating… These high-quality films have been moved even in the major museums around the world to protect of the valuable exhibits…(E.g. Museum of art Sao Paulo, American National Archives Washington DC, Victoria and Albert Museum London, Centre Pompidou Paris) Even in the increasingly frequent “Sun allergy”, these films are a very big help installed in your own home or in the car. An everlasting “obscure” by shutters etc is avoided. Make the purchase on the quality Foil and let you advance advice. So you have many years of pleasure with a slide. Contact for press inquiries: undertaking-point Eberhard Braun on the Heath 1A 56424 Staudt 02602-9995282-02602-9995281 E-Mail: Web: