Stumble, Fall And Learn How To Heal

Never meant to wear a mask like everyone I pass through this world fleeting interareas not stop Tell me who you walk, when you now discover that you can fly? I understood that my destiny is to go with your heart and at the same time melancholic single, my memories are a wake in the sea, I have and what I’ll have you, I tell you what I think and feel, just asked if I would and were to take as I am. And light is only my foolish heart that the only thing I understand is to beat upwind to either so I did not become extinct Conclude more just ask you not to try to keep lying to me or mocking, as he would do to a girl, so now I sere who gives his mistakes. itan Museum of Art or emailing the administrator. If you have read about Miami Congresswoman already – you may have come to the same conclusion. I know one day I said I was your girl, but I did not know was that the girl woke up recently to become women, I tell you that although I arrived yesterday, I can go tomorrow, but I’m still an apprentice in every kiss and every scar there is something sweet yesterday that I understood that while stumbling and I know how to fall, but always make me heal hurt and bleed, so is when I intend to leave something and someone Root of my life and heart, these drops of blood that all they know is falling so they do not ask, they will staining my white sheets. I go and that I will see that life is a joy, it is normal to issue you do not know and only now understand why even inadvertently nevertheless kept a certain fear of what we now know because I live but I’m going to like how I came yesterday, the silence says a lot for that reason today I see you fly and fly and do not try to stop. Fly as you are an angel and I’ll start walking because today finally woke up and saw that it had no wings, beautiful and nice not last forever, thanks that at last I know, but if you do not understand my heart so gypsy , for the reason that among non-gypsies, we do not read the hands or the heart but so is attempted.. A leading source for info: northland.