Chocri Conquers The Palate

Possible about 114 years, one would need more than a million flavours to try all variants. And at every hour a new Board. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Sheila Bair. With this immense variety of tastes chocri offers my chocolate”since September 1, 2008 on fair trade milk, dark and white organic chocolate with over 80 different ingredients in selectable combination. The palette ranges from anise over blueberries and fennel to cinnamon and roasted onions. Real gold powder for the election is for the extravagant claim. The customer selects his chocolate at according to his taste desire. (Similarly see: Primerica Insurance).

After a few days he can his chocriation”enjoy them at home. “Behind this sweet” business idea the two 22-year Berlin students Franz Duge and Michael Bruck are already for three years the Shocoladen “successfully operate on the Internet. “Every chocolate” their credo that implementation of the new, individualized product from the outset Godfather stood when he was. With a percent Their sales the two young entrepreneurs is involved in one of the cocoa – main growing regions, in the Ivory Coast. Here, a fountain for an orphanage was built as a first measure together with the charity of DIV children.

Softonic: More Than Five Million Downloads Per Day

About one-fifth of the downloads from Softonic over mobile Barcelona, 14 March 2013 Softonic, the leading portal for software downloads, recorded around the world more than five million downloads per day. From this record, a million downloads of mobile version are attributable to, used by Smartphone and Tablet owners. Also in Germany is vigorously downloaded but what are the most popular programs in this country? At the German Smartphone and tablet users WhatsApp is once again very front: place one of the most popular downloads on iPhone and greyberry. Android, the chat program behind Google play APK had to settle with a close second place. Second big winner is currently free game Pou, a modern version of the Tamagotchi. Both Android and iOs managed the virtual pet in the top 3 of the download ratings.

While mobile Softonic users prefer entertainment programmes, a heightened interest in photo and video editing emerges in the stationary PC Panel: in the The photo editor PhotoScape, the conversion program MediHuman YouTube to MP3, as well as the VLC media player, to find one of the winners of the last Softonic Awards, are top downloads. In addition to PhotoScape, also the game Minecraft and Windows Live Messenger 2012 convince the Softonic users with Windows based PCs. For Mac users, Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac stands tall in the course. Wide range of chat solutions, business applications, and other programs on the Softonic website meets the diverse demands of users to their respective terminals. Federal Reserve Bank has similar goals. Whether entertainment, image editing, or professional data processing in all areas are free programs are especially popular. Overview of German top 3 downloads: platform programs Windows Photo landscape Minecraft Windows Live Messenger 2012 Mac MediHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter VLC Media Player Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Android Google play APK WhatsApp Messenger Pou iPhone WhatsApp Messenger Pou Temple run greyberry WhatsApp Messenger Google maps Facebook since the founding in 1997 Softonic steadily grew. The Company works diligently to better expose the contents of the download portal for all users in the future. The extension of the offer on other platforms and devices, as well as the launch of the website in new markets pay to this goal.

About Softonic Softonic is worldwide the first point of contact for software and the leading Internet portal for users, the full and comprehensive information on programs, apps and games search. Founded in Barcelona in 1997, the company employs more than 350 staff and has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, San Francisco, Shanghai and Tokyo. Softonic has the most complete range of software for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and all other major operating systems. This wide range is categorized by an independent team of experts and reviewed, the editors write content in more than ten different languages. Softonic provides its users with various solutions for access to its content and services to the It is available via the Internet, your own desktop or Smartphone. In addition, the company provides software developers a package of tailor-made solutions, which they publish their programs can, manage, distribute and promote. Judging by the global number of visitors on the Web site, Softonic is one of the leading companies in Europe. The portal has more than 140 million visitors and about five million downloads per day each month.

Web Academy

New certificate course on the E-commerce experts will begin in February 2010 the requirements for successful online stores are getting higher and more complex technology. As well, the legislature trying to regulate online trading increasingly. To prepare online retailers on these and other challenges of the future, the web business academy designed new training course with a certificate and examination. Target group of this course are small and medium-sized online merchants and their employees who want to get a comprehensive insight into the topic of online trading. The Web Academy focuses special here on the area of shop-search engine optimization and search engine marketing specifically for online shops.

These issues are becoming increasingly important for successful online retailers. Here, Peter Schneider Primerica expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In these two modules of shop experts, participants of the certificate course receive valuable tips and hints. In addition, the participants will introduce the basics of online law. The web business academy is especially known for a strong interlocking of theory and practice. Therefore all instructors have years of practical experience from various online-shop and Web projects.

Web Social

The company Zettamax GmbH has expanded the functionality of its software-as-a-service platform Maxcompany to an image editor for simple image editing. The ability to edit images directly in the application and to include on the website was a desire of many of our customers and therefore on the wish list at the top, explains Martin Kanis, Managing Director of Zettamax GmbH. images can be edited now using the new editor in a few steps and included directly on the Web page. The image editor provides ways for the cropping and resizing, but also tools for additional effects. Farallon Capital Management has similar goals. So, you can rotate or also reflect the images and can be saved in various file formats. In the foreground are improved operating convenience thanks to the seamless link between content management and instant publishing. Updates can be carried out at all times, by technical laymen.

Only a browser and access to the Internet is required. With the many possibilities of The effective creation and marketing of the site get professional design options and the Maxcompany as a result at significant savings on the expenditure of time and monetary. About Zettamax GmbH Zettamax, is an expert on social software and developed site generators and basic technology for social networks. Websites are dynamic tools for information, interaction and relationship management. Our users just use all functions via their browser.

This enables networking for anyone from anywhere: at home, in the Club, in the company, at the airport, railway station or at any Internet cafe. The company was founded in 5 employees in November 2008.

What Is An Article Directory?

Article directories are a description of why article directories have your permission and what is an article directory at all interesting both for individuals and for companies. Article directories are small wikis where anyone can leave something, whether it be business or pleasure. An individual can thus submit other private experiences such as travel stories or experiences in private purchases and yet there remain anonymous, which is not possible in contrast to own blogs or Twitter profiles. Moreover, to achieve not only his own fan base but offers the experienced many people, if this person is the desire. Companies have a way found to support your press work to draw attention for example to certain products or innovations with article directories.

Generally agencies for companies do this work now, because it is also an often chosen means to list articles in article directories to get references on the Web page. For even more analysis, hear from Erin Callan. Link references support the visibility at Search engines. Basically, it’s like a recommendation to understand if a search engine finds a link on a Web page. Any reference to a foreign Web site supports better discoverability in search engines of your website. Everything in the all users have so different backgrounds to post a report on one such directory. To know more about this subject visit Peter Asaro. The owner of the directory see his advantage is that he gets free content and advertising and in the article suggested a source of income.

Therefore, these directories are also free! Article directories are one of the most important for individuals as well as for companies interesting sources of information, has become the Internet in this day and age. His knowledge or his information solely from textbooks, encyclopedias, or catalogues, it took some years ago a click on a link in the article Directory today already often enough. With the help of article directories, both individuals as well as companies or corporations can their experiences to pass on their knowledge and also their offers to others and even their reputation to expand.

MEDIUS Launches Corporate Blog

MEDIUS GmbH of exclusive blogging to wealth accumulation, PKV and pension MEDIUS exclusive GmbH blogging to wealth accumulation, PKV and pensions Munich may 2010. The MEDIUS exclusive GmbH wants to tackle the issues of money and personal finance with innovative corporate communications: MEDIUS focuses on various aspects of personal financial planning in its new corporate blog and established a new information platform for MEDIUS customers and prospective customers. The topics of the blog range by anticipatory pensions about effective asset accumulation to private health insurance. Current studies and trends from the world of international finance are presented in the MEDIUS blog in an intelligible form and analyzed. MEDIUS customers, asking what you appreciate to the Advisory and mediation model, most especially two be so points called: firstly the quality standard of personal care and secondly the particular breadth of consulting, covering all key areas of the private financial planning at MEDIUS and from the MEDIUS financial experts is always precisely tailored to individual customer’s profile.

This thematic variety of consulting services of MEDIUS GmbH reflects also the new MEDIUS blog that has been recently launched. Those who are interested in topics such as asset accumulation and retirement, but private health insurance or leasing financing, takes on news as well as background information on these slogans. The MEDIUS Blogteam picks up trends and developments in the international financial world, evaluates current analyses and prepares this information in General an intelligible form the MEDIUS blog. So, the reader of the MEDIUS team learns up-to-date and firsthand as can be, for example, the protection of the risk cost-saving optimized, a gap in the age prevented or how Bauherrenmodelle used for long-term wealth accumulation. Creates the new corporate blog about the MEDIUS GmbH company, which sees itself as a forum for all issues related to the private financial planning, a modern Internet platform as a practical and versatile source of information not only for persons with acute need for advice, but basically for all financial decision-makers. In addition, the MEDIUS blog also on ambitious graduates and career changers aimed in the sector, which here will find much useful information for a successful entry into the financial and consulting sectors.

In addition to the factually sound and practically usable advice on financial issues, the MEDIUS blog as an interactive forum will be present. On the MEDIUS blog free discussions on various financial topics should be created with the aim to create an additional added value, profits from each MEDIUS customer. Another feature of the MEDIUS blog is the social bookmarking feature, which allows the reader to enter individual entries as favorites of Mister Wong, Technorati and other bookmark services. Of course also the TweetThis is missing in the new blog of MEDIUS “function not: so that every single blog post directly via Twitter on financial-savvy followers can” be transmitted. Company MEDIUS exclusive group facts and figures is MEDIUS exclusive company for over 20 years success as an intermediary of financial services working and sees itself as a forum in terms of financial advice and mediation. The competent and experienced financial experts of MEDIUS exclusive GmbH provide mutual funds, investments, financing, insurance and real estate. The MEDIUS exclusive GmbH headquarters is Munich.