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Personnel Selection Interview

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An encounter with a practical approach designed to transform the interview into a strategic tool for the selection of professionals. A space meant to decide who is responsible for additions to their teams. Usually the arbitrariness of language and the environment in which we live, leads us to give words a meaning and a dead weight. This quirk of language conditions us to see beyond or to discover a new dimension of what we take for granted or for granted. There are words that in themselves involve an action, therefore, seem that we are bound to make such activity always the same way …

And this is where we want to make an intervention that allows us to do what we do always, so it is possible to obtain a different result. Let's do an exercise. What is the first thing you imagine when we utter the word interview … probably two people in front, questions and answers. Our goal is to build jointly with the reader a different representation for word interview which will enable us to incorporate new tactics and a clear purpose to our actions when we must face the complex and pleasant task of Personnel Selection. Thus, we have provided a brief agenda, to see the scenes of the interview and turn it into a strategic tool for discovering talent. From the outset we would like to make clear that the frame of reference from which we opened this field is our experience in day to day.