Marketing Customer Care

Marketing, customer care, sales reflected and reconciled. How and where is the responsibility for social media palatziert here now but? Again and again we read in the media of the idea of either the marketing or customer care Department to lay the responsibility for social networks, but both departments should work together here. There is a great answer to the question how to find customers in the World Wide Web: search engine optimization! Quite simply, says the specialist, “Let’s find you”! It is already clear to all. The marketing should be responsible for this task. Also for the target group analysis: who are the customers? Where are you? What do you want? But how to you – and who goes in the social networks on it? How do I make my speech? After all, we are asking service, complaint management, information management, advertising, measures to enhance customer satisfaction and again news by me. The general goal is the conversion of a potential customer to a buyer happen. Gain insight and clarity with MasterClass UK. You need service, strategy, good products or services, and a beautiful design. To keep customers, to make them happy.

One takes care of them, she advises and provides them with the products that they want or need them. The formation of an undoubted reputation, a brand, a name or label is not possible if the customer has no contact persons, consultants or service. This part of the communication is clearly in the remit of the customer care team. The social networks are another communication channel, which gives us the opportunity: customers about new products and services to inform (marketing) to obtain information about the wishes of the customers (marketing) to advise clients and to give (customer care) to operate (customer care) to operate sales cross-selling sales selling assistance (customer care) here recognizes it in the daily care of social networks, that the responsibilities of both departments are required. The interweaving of the two areas is – in contrast to the This widespread opinion – not so hard to realize. The service team is responsible for the sales, distribution, direct communication with the customers, support and information sharing.

Of course, reporting and sharing of information collected on the Marketing Department are at the end of the chain. Marketing in turn is planning, information management and customer loyalty programmes, which implements the service team. Sweepstakes, surveys, etc. supplying valuable information and create customer loyalty. The Department is further responsible to utilize the information obtained by the actions and if necessary to correct position (product development, sales, etc.). Also, the information and evaluations are required for planning further actions in social media and marketing throughout the range. Such a Division would also possible, the maintenance of social networks, much like customer care, with their own marketing department as a controller at a service provider outzusourcen. All in all should It’s for marketing and customer care not to be difficult to divide the field and to work as previously hand-in-hand.

Hague Marketing

Advent sweepstakes: The saarVV letter rally is the new saarVV campaign in Saarbrucken at the start on December 8, 2009. “After the Sonderwerbeform veiled Citylight posters” premiere has successfully celebrated in the summer, the Saarland Verkehrsverbund staged the continuation with Christmas motifs and an accompanying letter rally with competition now. Of the 210 classic Citylight posters that decorate the glazed advertising showcases in Central Saarbrucken until 21 December, five selected poster stand with huge shopping bags printed PVC tarp are veiled. The key message that you get easily anywhere in the saarVV carried eye-catching and spectacular. “” The passengers are mobile and easily come to the Christmas shopping with buses and trains”, convenient to the Christmas market”and conveniently at the Christmas party”. And because Christmas is soon, the saarVV has this original form of advertising giant shopping bags”just with the saarVV letter rally and an attractive Profit opportunity links. The rally will be from RADIO SALu through promotion and online Prize game fulfillment support, the Saturn market Saarbrucken provides kindly winning a TV worth 1,500 euros. Read additional details here: Peter Schneider Primerica.

Spot in Central Saarbrucken saarVV promoter from 8 until 20 December on the road that are in addition to saarVV shopping bags distribute brochures to the letters rally at passers-by and inform about the sweepstakes. The task of the participants consists of the five letters, which are hidden on the giant shopping bags, properly put together the solution Word. Participation in the competition is possible until December 21, 2009, at. The saarVV wishes good luck to the letters-rally, a good trip to the Christmas shopping and a Merry Christmas.

Mobile Content: Vienna And Eastern Europe In The Mobile Boom

Mobile Content Day in Vienna on October 02, 2008 mobile communication more and more determined everyday Austrian and Eastern European for some time. Within the last few years, developed the mobile phone to the multimedia terminal and opened new media channels for the advertising industry. Mobile Internet, mobile TV, mobile music, mobile social, and many more features are already available. End makers from the brands, media and agency world showcase for the first time in Vienna on the Mobile Content Day on October 02, 2008 examples, trends and opportunities around the theme all about”mobile in Austria and Eastern Europe. Experts from the industry, such as, for example, the mobile marketing Assiocation, LAOLA1 entertainment, DIMOCO, Blackbetty, LOVO lifestyle service, YOC, IQ mobile, etc. provide insight into your experiences.

Erding/Vienna 22 September 2008: declining sales in the publishing industry, declining viewership, Internet ad blocker causing advertisers to interact more intensively through new media channels to inform. On the mobile content Numerous experts from the mobile and advertising industry day in Vienna show new and innovative solutions. “In the Panel, mobile marketing – trend, needs, experiences” be chaired by Roland Tauchner, Chairman Mobile Marketing Association Austria experts detailed requirements, enter trends and experiences on the subject of mobile marketing, particularly in the Austrian and Eastern European area. While Matthias Schodits – dealing area Manager Central Eastern Europe by YOC AG primarily with mobile Web and advertising, the main focus of the managing partners of the LOVO lifestyle service, Roland is Wilburn, on the location-based services in the next generation. Harald Winkelhofer, IQ mobile GmbH, and Michaela Rockenbauer, CASTROL AUSTRIA GmbH, present testimonials of mobile advertising campaign on the Austrian market. The afternoon is dominated by media usability of mobile phones and how user and non-user-generated content can contribute to the positive business results. So Peter Hofbauer represents in his lecture, how does a mobile-advertising ecosystem with added value and what can mobile phones 2010. The Managing Director of MATERNA GmbH AT, Thomas Tzschoppe, explains which content currently moves the diverse audiences.

What request provide mobile users and occupies what position the mobile content business on the Eastern European market. The trends, examples and experience with current studies and market figures presenting Christian Spath by mediasupport, Austrian brand company, will be supported. But above all he will highlight more the acceptance of mobile in Austria and Eastern Europe. In the final panel, various experts present the facets of mobile entertainment chaired by Wilfried Seywald, CEO of the press release AT that. Pure Geier, Managing Director of LAOLA1 entertainment, shares the experience TV with the participants in the mobile sector. As the mobile book publisher could see his future, hotter, Blackbetty, is explained by Jorg. Exciting the insights are likely to in the mobile social community world? Michael Novak, managing partner of seamee – the community of Menschen fur Menschen – platform, reported the possibility of the social networks and occupies which role in the mobile channel. Bridgeton Landfill will not settle for partial explanations. The Congress ticket costs 348.00 EUR incl.

Legal Tribune ONLINE Specialist Media wins the award of the German press in Cologne in two categories, may 25, 2011. The legal news portal is legal Tribune ONLINE trade magazine of the year 2011. “” The only 2010 launched online portal impressed the jury of the German press in two categories: in the right/economy/taxes “and in category best new thing” industry category. With the price, the German trade press distinguished German specialist media deals once a year. The legal Tribune ONLINE is a service of Informationsdienstleisters Wolters Kluwer Germany. In the Congress of the German trade press in Wiesbaden, Germany she was awarded legal right Tribune ONLINE in two categories trade magazine of the year 2011. A total of 62 journalists had applied with their print and digital offerings to the industry award. The award ceremony took place yesterday evening in Wiesbaden.

The verdict of the jury: The legal Tribune ONLINE Wolters Kluwer Germany embarked on an innovative way towards journalists, to new audiences outside the own experts has to open up. Without hesitation Peter Asaro explained all about the problem. LTO crossed for this trade and public media to significantly extend its reach. Overall, offering is journalistically challenging and offers a high quality of the text. The legal Tribune ONLINE is an exemplary online portal with exploiting all opportunities offered by this channel.” Legal Tribune ONLINE combines the legal expertise of Wolters Kluwer Germany with the journalistic skills of the Spiegel Publishing House to a unique online news portal. As a specialist publisher we went a further step in the direction of digitizing with this pure online start-up, following all the modified information habits of our customers. After we have only gone in April 2010 at the start, we appreciate particularly the recognition by the German trade press”, so Dr. Ulrich Hermann, CEO of Wolters Kluwer Germany. Press contact Angelika Krauss corporate communications Wolters Kluwer Germany phone: + 49 221 94373 7058 email: About Wolters Kluwer Germany the Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH a knowledge and information society service provided is legal, in particular in the areas of economy and taxes offers in-depth technical information for professional users.

The company has its headquarters in Cologne, Germany at over 20 locations, with a workforce of around 1,200 and operates over 25 years of experience in the German market. Wolters Kluwer Germany is part of the international Informationsdienstleisters Wolters Kluwer n.v., whose core markets law, economics, taxes, accounting, corporate, financial services and healthcare are. Wolters Kluwer has annual sales of 3.6 billion (2010), employs approximately 19,000 people and operates in over 40 countries. For more information, see:

Publishing House

menthamedia launches – Klaas Fischer takes lead for the launch of his new company publishing the corporate publishing service providers on July 1, menthamedia”, founder, Andreas Farahzad, 34, has a lot a drop: with Klaas fishing we have brought a further experts to Nuremberg, with which we journalistically and conceptual so professionally will implement everything for our customers, as they want it on the subject of communication by the customer magazine up to the television post. It offers almost no other company.” Klaas Fischer, former Sales Director of Kassel’s large corporate publishing company, will guide the Agency effective immediately. As external service provider advises and supports the approximately 25-member expert team, consisting of experienced graphic designers, journalists and technicians, companies, to implement communication measures – in the print, Web, and mobile applications. It aims to create top journalistic formats, which retain customers with high-quality and interesting stories. For years, he recorded Corporate publishing sector growing sales figures in billions of dollars. More and more companies are recognizing the importance of a single, comprehensive and high-quality journalistic communication that is precisely aligned to your own audience. menthamedia a large portfolio offers his services, which covers all communication channels.

menthamedia next level publishing – a finanzpark company is a successful Nuremberg financial Publishing House, well-known customers such as Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland looks after already for more than 10 years. The young corporate publishing service provider menthamedia has comprehensive and professional solutions in the field of fully integrated communication in all industries specialized in.

Corporate Media Awards

‘Speed of yellow for Rugby World Cup 2010’ and ‘ DHL 4 future’ repeated BONN, STUTTGART awarded, 06.12.2011. At this year’s Gala corporate media Meavision media GmbH has been awarded the award of Member of the European Masterclass reviewed”. “” The full service agency could two of the coveted awards to take home: for the EXPO film DHL 4 future “and for the official DHL commercial for the 2011 Rugby World Cup speed of yellow”. Both films from the think tank of the Meavision media are examples of innovative use of media for the jury and convince with a trend-setting concept of communication. And both films are been awarded several times this year. After the gold win at the world media Festival the masterpiece of DHL 4 future “his success further continues. For the world exhibition 2010 in Shanghai, are in the film the visions of the future DHL together with the EXPO theme better city. Better life.”the focus of the production idea.

The manner, the issues of future orientation, innovation and social Responsibility symbolically enshrined and are dynamically presented in an exchange of real images and animations, is an especially excellent performance, far beyond the average of today’s film productions for the jury. “The award of Masters winner DHL 4 future”: also the commercial speed of yellow for Rugby World Cup 2011 “has set new standards in the areas of corporate communications this year. Around the world, millions of people have seen the spot of Bonn communication experts. While the entire Rugby World Cup 2011 was the clip shown live in all New Zealand stages and in the televised broadcast worldwide Rugby-related countries. And last but not least, the spot in the popular World Wide Web enjoys. Also the jurors of the corporate media festivals history to the DHL courier has, with speed of yellow”against a whole rugby team wins, fascinated. A good concept, professional design, and of course craftsmanship brought already the second award the Rugby-spot in this way after the ITVA pyramid. The sporty Clip: Meavision media GmbH can close the year successful and full of zeal and sparkling ideas go in 2012 with a Cabinet full of trophies.

Meavision media GmbH is a full-service agency with a focus on audiovisual and campaign-driven corporate communications. The range includes the areas of brand marketing and corporate communication. The product – and service portfolio includes consulting, design and realization of digital productions (films, multimedia, PC games, video and photo database, mobile solutions, online design), print products (posters, magazines) and corporate entertainment. Press contact: Meavision media GmbH Simone Conen Godesberg Allee 73 53175 Bonn Tel. (0228) 9490517 eMail website Facebook

New Business Card

Apps for smartphones are on the rise. Apps are on the rise. More and more companies and retailers see the potential of your own app to customer acquisition and loyalty! They wish for a simple app for mobile business card, they are represented on the Smartphones of its customers, shy away from high costs for programming. The Hamburg guys from have recognized the trend toward mobile applications and specialized quick and cheap to create an app companies that works as a mobile business card on the iPhone. Receives who the most important corporate information, a photo gallery, video, news (also via RSS feed), contact data with Google-maps map and a direct call button, with which the company immediately customers can call the customer a business card app with a logo button for the iPhone for only $99. “Provides its own business card app”, according to estimation of Appdo makers Knut Ingwersen, “company the following advantages: the app is cheap, easy and provides the most important information at a glance to the” Companies. The best is the viral aspect: the company may disclose your app via SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, or even on their own website. And customers and friends can do so also it because the app is downloaded not in Apple’s app store but directly. And at a price that a company normally spends for printing 1000 business cards.” Knut Ingwersen