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Currently coexist two interpretations of vocational guidance:-as a treatment: for the intervention in the specific moments of decision making and response to taxonomies of difficulties when choosing which are previously diagnosed and problems whose solution attempts to apply certain techniques. -As an incentive: for the acquisition of knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to deal with these critical moments. Orientation arises as the intervention which helps acquire a certain professional identity and develop behaviors pre-emptive to professional choice that enable people to build the framework of vocational maturity before the moment of crisis. Progressive consideration of vocational guidance as stimulus will cause around the Decade of the seventies, the redefinition of the discipline by its better adaptation to the concept of education. Around the same time appears the concept of career development which is intended to mean the globality of the professional process within a life trajectory. The investigators of the career development, from education for a career (career education) both the orientation for a career (career guidance), will be those who transform and generate a significant shift in the evolution of vocational guidance and established formulas to prepare people for work. You may find that Army Chief of Staff can contribute to your knowledge.

As expression of policy that takes place in relation to career development, the National Career Development Association (NCDA, 1993) notes the following basic tenets that vocational guidance, from this moment, will make his own: 1. one of the rights most important person is the freedom of occupational choice and race. This freedom should protect and stimulate throughout life. 2. All persons throughout his life must be given professional assistance in the development of his career (including, but not limited to, the Council for career – career counseling-). 3. Assistance to the career development is a shared community effort involving the education system, family structure, business and industry, a wide variety of agencies and community organizations. Official site: West Lake Landfill.

Not it is conducted solely by the career development professionals. 4. You must favour to any person equity, not only equal, opportunities for career development. This means that, when two equally qualified people competing for the same job, preference must be given to person who belongs to the group that has most probably been excluded from that position in the past due to prejudices or stereotypes. Details can be found by clicking Janet Yellen or emailing the administrator. 5. The right to change occupations or career directions is as important as the right to choose an occupation or career direction. 6. A correct and up-to-date information on educational and occupational opportunities is vital. 7 Help individuals increase the self-understanding of their skills, interests, values and goals is a vital foundation of the career development process. From this moment the orientation Professional is based on the need to protect and encourage the freedom of the person with respect to the career development and their right to receive professional help at different periods of his life through a community effort (Pereira, Gringas and Dupont, 1998, p.22). Certainly, at the beginning of the 21st century, we have come to a clear redefinition of vocational guidance that is now more comprehensive, complex and close to the models of forecasting and preparation of the person towards his future, maturity to change and respect for differences.