Elena Rosell

Elena Rosell (Valencia, 1986) become is the next weekend, the circuit of Assen (Netherlands GP), the first Spanish that will compete in the World Championship. Its mission, replacing the injured Simon Julian, fifth classified in the Moto2 category. For the first time since its founding in 1992, the team Aspar incorporates a woman for a competition. Lehman Trilogy is often quoted as being for or against this. The possibility is toying for some time, but he did not believe it. I’m nervous, happy, excited, said yesterday during a brief phone conversation. Today, still with the rush of adrenaline after the training of the Spanish speed championship held at Montmelo, in category Stock Extreme – where running fourth in the general-already tried to anticipate what awaits the next weekend: the most difficult will be run in a circuit that I do not know completely and acquire familiarity with a bike that I’ve never flown, but I trust in the help of my team. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Millenium Management. Source of the news:: Elena Rosell: “I’ve learned to suffer”


EFE Greece will need a help of 32.6 billion extras and should undertake cuts by 4 billion between 2015 and 2016. No longer unlocks the next tranche of aid of 31,500 million euros that Greece urgently needs to not suspend payments on Friday. The Eurogroup will meet Nov. Euro Pacific Precious Metals has firm opinions on the matter. 20 to treat financing of Greciay not disbursed until then the 31-500 million of aid. Angela Merkel opposes it out of the euro countries with problems. The Eurogroup grants additional to Greece two years to make necessary adjustments to reduce its deficit, as had requested the Hellenic Government and has recommended this Monday the troika following it undertaken to the eurozone Ministers.

The eurozone concludes that the fiscal revised objectives, as it was requested by the Government supported by the European Commission troika, and Greek International Monetary Fund and the Bank Central European-, would a proper setting for the path of fiscal consolidation, in view of the recent economic developments, the President of the Eurogroup, said Jean-Claude Juncker. With the extension of the deadline, Greece would need an additional aid of 32.6 billion euros until 2016 for its partners in the euro zone, according to a draft of the report of the troika. The European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund claim in particular that Greece has achieved substantial fiscal adjustment in progress, but to the eurozone should grant two years more to achieve a surplus primary (before interest payments) of 4.5%, i.e., an extension from 2014 through 2016, according to the document which has had access EFE-DowJones. The financing needs of Greece would thus rise to 15 billion euros to close fiscal hole until 2014, date in which the rescue program was going to finish initially, and to 17.6 billion in 2015 and 2016, if the country receives an extension of two years to undertake adjustments, according to the draft.

Playstation Network

They will be held on August 3 at Caesar Palace in Las Vegas. Anonymous, GoDaddy, Wikileaks and Stuxnet are nominees for putting in evidence the security systems of major corporations and institutions. Since 2007, the hacker culture has its own annual awards of international character. They are called Pwnies (pronounced ponies), are held in one of the most reputed hotels of Las Vegas (Caesar Palace) and are considered the Oscars of this group. But do these awards recognize whom? In general, those hackers who have put in evidence during the year the major security flaws in computer systems and websites for large companies and institutions. It is the case of the Group Anonymous hacktivist, who is nominated for the most sought-after prize in sample (Pwnie Epic 0wnagey) that brings together a long history of cyber attacks Government and managing entities of copyright. GoDaddy (responsible inter alia assault servers of News Corp and publishing one will compete against him cover false in The Sun), the Stuxnet virus, which infected systems of an Iranian nuclear program and Bradley Manning and Wikileaks, whose famous cables flushed several States. Another of the awards, which will be delivered on August 3, distinguishes the companies that have shown more vulnerability to these computing offensives.

Here, Sony signature is the only contender to win the shameful category’s Most Epic FAIL (colossal or epic failure) by not adequately protected the Playstation Network and suffer the theft of personal data of its clients, including some related to their credit cards. Perhaps to lighten the night, the Organization has planned an award for best song. He will fight a parody of the subject Friday of Rebecca Black, a rap entitled eatin’ cookies (cookie eating) performed by Jeremy Brown or theme Hacker hacker from Phenoelit, among others. It is expected that some of the winners not to attend pick up their trophy by the risk of being arrested.


Ten minutes took island in shake to Spain with a missile to the network, hovering around the long square of squares, and ten more to attend a large Association of Alexis Sanchez with Vargas, so this batiera again to the captain in the mano a mano and demonstrating once again the lack of complicity and rapidity of the dnsa in full. And the mess could be absolute if Casillas had not cleared with one hand shot Beausejour in the following Chilean rush, while Silva and Villa were trying to disturb something to Bravo in opposite field. Spain lost balls, between the legs and the Chilean intensity, and Negredo was not way to come into play. Couldn’t even convict Alexis Sanchez an advantage against before the break, but his shot sailed deviated. And Del Bosque returned to hit but the coach has shown too often that his art lies in the management of the bench, when the picture looks bad, and got into flour to Iniesta and Pedro to advance lines, open field and press.

There is where Chile began to shrink, since it did not reach the goal that occupied since then Pepe Reina. Appeared the football made in Spain and the bajitos conquered the lawn. Iniesta adjusted the marker with a shot dry and crossed just ten minutes after the break and Silva warned with another accurate shooting touching the stick. The pace was not stopped and the salmantino put into operation to Cesc, who not wasted the first opportunity which took in an oasis of solitude in the heart of the dnsa. In front of Bravo and after a good pass from Iniesta managed the igualada. There was no bellows and Chilean impotence to good work wasted Carmona fired saw the Red input harsh about the newly incorporated Cazorla. Everything pointed to the tie, but Arbeloa found a breath of oxygen more to win the left band and force a fairly rigorous penalty. CESC launched him, Bravo repelled and fortune followed of (immeasurable in its start of season) catalan, which it rejects to empty door side.

Settled the match in the discount, the spectacle was diluted in one fell swoop with an incomprehensible tangana that has little to do with the spirit of a friendly or the champion of the world, beyond the displayed unit. That you paste the football. Technical data sheet: 3 Spain: Casillas (Queen, m.46); Sergio Ramos, Javi Martinez, Raul Albiol, Arbeloa; Busquets, Xabi Alonso (Iniesta, m.46), Xavi (Cesc, m.64); Silva (cazorla, m.79), Villa (Pedro, m.46) and Negredo (Fernando Torres, m.64). 2. Chile: Claudio Bravo; Arturo Vidal, Pablo Contreras, Jara; Mauricio Isla (Meneses, m.83), Medel (Estrada, m.88), Carmona, Beausejour (Felipe Gutierrez, m.79), Jorge Valdivia (orellana, m.86); Alexis Sanchez and Eduardo Vargas (Felipe Seymour, m.58). Goals: 0-1, m.10: Island. 0-2, m.20: Vargas. 1-2, m.55: Iniesta. 2-2, m.70: Cesc. 3-2, m.90: Cesc. Referee: Jerome Laperriere (SUI). He chided Silva (26) by Spain and Alexis (70) and Vidal (73) by Chile. Expelled by direct red end pieces at the minute 82 and Valdivia in the 90th minute when he was in the bench. Incidences: find friendly played at the AFG Arena of Sankt Gallen in the presence of 14.605 spectators.