One day its grandfather wanted to make it a surprise and he gave of gift one cachorrinho to it that for the boy he was very special. It was so happy with the gift that had earned that its biggest one passes time was to play with its new animal. Since that day, whenever the boy left house it took the dog to take a walk, he was its preferred friend, but the animals grow and were an enormous one of the dog that already inside did not have more space for it of house. Now the boy if did not feel more alone, whenever he came back of the school, was the dog to wait it in the house gate, had craze to lick the face of boy who only laughs while its mother said it to take bath. One day Raul was arisen early to buy bread, its dog was together, when folding the esquina, a raging dog decided to leave for top of the boy, it starts to cry out then its preferred friend the dog, it left to the front of the boy and fought with the raging dog that finished withdrawing and leaving the boy in peace, this day was special for the boy who never more forgot that scene. But nor everything seemed to be what it was, in the vacations of the boy, its grandfather and its mother had decided to pass the month of July in the interior to review the friends who had left there. Raul was and took with it its animal of esteem. It did not only imagine that its animal of esteem, preferred friend, would not come back with it the vacations as soon as arrived at the end. Everything soon for the trip, the empolgado boy who would for the first time go to know the farm, if arranged first, arranged the dog and together with the mother and the grandfather had been even so for the bus point where four hours would catch the road for more than.

Sour Pie

Plus one it fights for money I leave agastada, the fight have if occurred, they are more frequent. However, still I have hopes and remains a little reliable in it I love because it and I want also trusting the love of it. It takes when me in the arms, it says affectionate words, I feel a squeeze in the heart and perdoo. I have pardoned always, but the Gigis, Anas and Marianes more go appearing each time happen frequently. Still it has another question: The Internet with orkut, msn, facebook It swears: – Mor, strict professional, pupils are, necessary to be in contact. Ok! I dissimulate that I believe and I go remembering Gullar Blacksmith: ' ' I do not want to have reason, I only want to be feliz.' ' Yesterday, by chance, reading a story of a girl whom it writes with much limpidity and in a pure language attracts that me, I discovered in way to the photos, one where the young woman is of hands given with it. I recognized, of face, those brown hands that, in the photo, hold of it.

My God! He could not be. It is a girl, has dezessete years! What this? the professional ethics, moral, the respect, the position of professor? I remembered it in one another photograph where it declaims poetry Centenarian of Axe of Assis, I believe. Pupil praised for it and that I learned to admire. The world fell on me. I cried, exclamei, I placed in ' ' prensa' ': – What it means pra you? – Mor, interest, nothing, nothing excessively, I am not, I can see For the love of God, he believes I love, you, never, never you tra. I yielded, although the diffidence.

But I was one more time to verify. Fua daqui, fua from there, I discovered one another one orkut of it. Other young women, some pupils and seminaked pupils, women She is excessively. My stomach if twists, has will to vomit. I look for, again, in blog of the girl of the photo. Of one day for another one, it deletou. He is obvious. In some way, it she made with that it excluded the page. Which will be the reason that it gave? Which the alleged reason? Then it still keeps contact? Until I imagine, must have said this: – She is a woman insane person pursues who me, she makes threats, etc etc. I can lose the job because of this! It denied as it, it must also denied have me. Judas! If I still had some doubt, only the fact of the photos ' ' desaparecerem' ' it would be enough to give to me certainty to it. Worse it is the mourning remains that me. Disdain for it to be so vile. How it can? It is only one full girl of dreams. I think about it with penalty, I know there, must be feminine solidarity, the fact is that taste of it. It will be that it suffered or it still suffers? I go to lie down, but still I search the words of it, wanted to be able to read in the space between lineses, to guess what it is transferred. It seems so innocent! The dessert, pie of maracuj, go down bitter as sour fruit. Tomorrow Tomorrow it is one another day, day to take attitude and resolutions.