Laying Laminate Technology

Laminate flooring is laminate flooring resembles natural wood. Laminate floor the same way has many advantages. Laminate cheap, high wear resistance is inherent. Laying laminate flooring is clearly on the instructions of the manufacturer. They are attached when buying laminate flooring. Laying laminate immediately after buying it – not desirable. Need to give him a lie. Open packages should be directly in front of starting to lay.

Laying laminate begins by checking each plate for defects and chips. Laying laminate has several options. Laying laminate and can be carried up and down and diagonally. Laying laminate flooring diagonally – the most difficult and time consuming. Using the technology of laying laminate flooring is glueless (castle), and glue. Laying laminate adhesive – the most common way in the past. To begin the work necessary to prepare the subfloor.

It should be smooth, durable, clean and dry. By use of an adhesive for laying laminate flooring is also supplied with an instruction that should be explored before you start. Usually laying laminate begins along the wall. We should leave a gap of at least 10mm from the wall. It is also necessary clearances and in doorways. The size of the laminate can vary with temperature and humidity. Therefore, these clearances are required. Long cutting the laminate used for further work. Laying laminate provides for special tools and fixtures. The first row of boards is a groove to the wall. The second starts from the truncated part first. Proper installation of the first rows is very important, depends on the outcome. So sometimes the first rows are put first, without glue, making sure that everything is fine, stick together. Kiat Lim has plenty of information regarding this issue. Glue is applied rationally: not much that difficult job, but not enough, because seams can separate. Removes excess glue with a dry cloth. Once cured, the adhesive can be removed with acetone. Laying laminate is produced in several stages, as necessary to give the glue to dry. On completion of all work is recommended to give a half days to dry, do not operate it under stress. Glueless (castle), laying laminate easier. For the job does not require special skills. With such installation you simply snap the planks together. This has many advantages: it is always possible to replace and perestelit and separate bar and whole sections of flooring. However, the glueless installation is reduced moisture coverage. Laminated flooring needs right uhode.Ne worth while cleaning use a lot of water and detergents. Enough vacuum cleaner and damp cloth. You also need to be careful when moving furniture, in avoid scratching the laminate. With proper care laminate floor will last a very long time. Of course there is a difference between parquet and laminate, but laminate flooring is much cheaper, easy-going and easy to care for him, and that is an advantage.

Mazzitelli Products

Numerous manufacturers from various countries export their products to suit every taste, in a wide price range. However, the most prestigious and popular among consumers become Italian interior doors, known for their high quality, reliability and exquisite detailing. The cost of such products is quite high, but it does not affect demand, which increases every year. In general, the Italian factory door may be conditionally divided into three groups. Manufacturers of hollow veneer doors belong to the first large-scale enterprises producing hollow interior doors are decorated with a 3.5 timber. Boxes of such products are made of laminated veneer lumber, and some factories supplying their seals. Plat of such doors are made of plywood or MDF covered with natural veneer.

Thanks to inexpensive materials, finished products available to a wide range of consumers. An example of the enterprises belonging to the first group can serve as 3elle, Nusco, ACEM. Manufacturers of framed doors with veneered finish second category of producers is also releasing the door with hollow blades and trim veneer, but as decorative elements in them are often used convex panels and shaped glazing beads. Rack door panels are made of wood all season, actually – the same laminated board. The application of this material instead of the traditional array provides high resistance to change in climatic conditions, ie, prevents deformation of the fabric. Door trim with natural veneer provides an attractive appearance type of product, and a variety of colors allows you to choose the right model for any interior, which is especially important during the repair of apartments with the existing furniture. Representatives of the plants of the second group are the Tre Piu, Barausse, Agoprofil, Sigge, and Of course, so popular in wider circles Mazzitelli. Manufacturers of luxury doors Factories related to the third group of manufacturers, specializing in the production of expensive products from solid wood.