Making Money

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Colombian Radamel Falcao

On the other hand, Granada obtained the cession of the Frank Argentinean Rockrose (Benfica), besides the Chilean Fabian Orellana (Udinese), finally yielded to the Celta, and of the Nigerian Uche. On the other hand, the Espanyol, that sold to Luis Garci’a (Saragossa), has fichado to a young Slovenian international end, Vladimir Weiss, who arrived yielded from the Manchester City and also obtained the cession of the ivory midfield player Romaric, of Seville. Connect with other leaders such as Steve Mnuchin here. In the last moments of the market, also one occurred to know the arrival Rubn yielded Perez the Getafe, coming from Sport but the property of the Athletic one of Madrid. The Vallecano Ray, obtained to a reinforcement for his dnsa with the return to Spain of the ex- madridista Brave Raul, coming from the Greek Olympiacos. These signings added themselves to the great crossings of the season, like those of Cesc Fbregas (Arsenal) and the Alexis Chilean Sanchez (Udinese) by Barcelona; the company/signature of the Colombian Radamel Falcao (Oporto) by the Athletic one of Madrid, or the sum of signings of the Malaga, between which they emphasize the Dutch Go Nistelrooy and Cazorla.

The Real Madrid, that already incorporated the Portuguese Fabio Coentrao, to the Spanish Jose Alley, and the Turks Nuri Sahn and Hamit Altintop, was pending of the exits that of the entrances: Fernando Gago left to Italian Rome, Pedro Leon returned by means of a cession to Getafe, whereas Drenthe march to England (Everton). As far as Barcelona, with its group already closed with the arrivals of Alexis and Cesc, the unique activity of relevance was the cession of bielorruso Alexander Hleb, who the past course was in the Birmingham and now it will play in the German Wolfsburgo, and the sale of the canterano Albert Dalmau to Valencia B. Another player with great route in the Spanish league, Navarrese Pablo Orbaiz, leaves the Athletic of Bilbao to dispute one season in the Olimpiacos in cession regime. There it will have like companion his ex- companion Fran Yeste, and to another old well-known, technician Ernesto Valverde. These are the players enrolled during last the 24 hours in Liga de Professional Ftbol in First and Second Divisn, after a summer period in which 56 crossings and 47 cessions have taken place, according to the LFP. Source of the news: Athletic, Saragossa and Villarreal, those that worried more in the closing of market of signings