The Final

Takes very seriously when it says that: “The only person capable of massive prey is man. including himself, and is obliged to self regulate their unrestricted ability to restrict predatory” train and educate their specialist, the Program considered all aspects to ensure the exercise of their profession, especially given the commitment of non-pollution, providing those basic skills that must be taken into account in favor of non-pollution, both internal within the company, as in the external environment. To do this, each subject who contemplates his relationship integrates the importance of ensuring implementation of functions that do not pass a chance of contamination in the final result, studies evaluating the latest developments that has brought environmental pollution, to that in subjects such as marketing, production processes, quality assurance, organizational behavior, to integrate relevant aspects that help to highlight the importance of being attentive to everything that promotes non-environmental pollution has evaluated the program in its objectives, commitments, what should be their role in non-environmental pollution, to collaborate with companies to offer the region, the country can not pollution in relation to its operations. To do this, we have studied the current situation of environmental pollution and has given way to a line of investigation that will enable its participants through research, providing solutions that minimize pollution, especially when derived from the operation of the company, its production process, from processing raw materials into finished products, quality and productivity required in order to promote competitiveness. It is also considered the final product in all that this may cause and give way to pollution, emphasizes that the role of the market cries for an organizational culture of corporate social responsibility and contribute to the dissemination of environmental culture among its consumers.