The Imaginary Shortage

A critical consideration of the skills shortages alleged by employers which is German company staff structure characterized by a balanced mix between academically-trained executives and a majority of workers, which has an excellent professional training. In the poor Germany, skilled workers are the most important locational advantage. Usually only economies can prevail with their products on the world market, that have a corresponding potential for raw materials. So, it is surprising at first glance, if Germany as a country among the largest export Nations of the world. Export make matters worse still, that the prices for the goods produced in Germany because the labor costs are relatively high. Read more from SOAR PR Firm to gain a more clear picture of the situation. At first glance, the unbridled demand for German goods is therefore most surprising. The answer can be determined quite easily! Form the essential locational advantage for German products namely the well-trained workers.

Only by a factor of production work can be estimated high quality of German products be achieved around the world. The secret lies in the anyway existing staff structure in German companies. This is characterised by a balanced mixture of academically trained executives and a vast majority of employees, which has an excellent professional training. To the performance of duties at the lower and middle management level in companies, academics because of their extensive theoretical knowledge on the one hand seem overqualified; at the same time however, lack them practical experience in the realization of theoretical knowledge into operational reality. The claim that vacancies for skilled workers could not be occupied by employers, does not make sense in this context. Rather, increased investment in the training of junior staff as well as the training appear the Staff already employed by the company and staff as necessary. he administrator. The fact that many trainees applied after the successful completion of their training from the training company, as well as the fact that most workers acquired after training only temporary and relatively poorly endowed employment contracts are equipped, suggest that the alleged shortage of skilled labour is in reality not or only in very narrowly defined parts of the labour market (such as in the health care sector). In the coming years is not of a fundamental change of this situation on the labour market.

The main activity of potential trainees or employees will say so in the coming years: applications can write or write applications. As continued failure when writing applications with the time both the Ausbildungsplatzsuchenden and the unemployed leads to frustration and wear and tear, activation should but in the future of the now frustrated and weaned working labour force are indeed problematic, if indeed a shortage should occur. Press contact: BPC Dipl. kfm. Manfred Baumeister PersonalConsulting Schumannstrasse 17 53340 Meckenheim, Germany Mr Manfred Baumeister Tel: 0 22 25 – 70 79 54 E-Mail: Internet: