The Process

For example, a woman worried that her no one likes. Agree, this is comparable to the tragedy. In the process of it turns out that people who love her still there, but the act of love she's waiting on a specific person (her husband). Love – an abstract concept, and therefore everyone knows her own way. Alabama Senator can provide more clarity in the matter. The client was pronounced audialom (The listener). She wanted every day to hear the confessions of love and gentle words.

Daily bouquets of roses from a spouse, who as you get a visual (the audience), it is not convincing. As a result, specification originally stated problem was transformed into the following: "What can she do to her husband realized that his wife just need to at least occasionally hear about her feelings for her." Agree, the problem became more specific and less severe compared to the original version. The third stage of consultation – building the image of the desired result. Sitting in a taxi, you're talking to the driver you are interested in the address. If you do not, then you can, day or month to drive around the city, but did not reach the ultimate goal of their journey. Primerica careers has similar goals. The same approach works in addressing psychological problems. In addition, the goal is necessary, it should be: 1.

Concrete. Often, people strive to achieve abstract goals. No doubts about the achievement of mutual understanding, career, success and prosperity in life – a worthy desire, but in order in time to learn about their implementation, and rejoice on this occasion, it is better to ask ourselves the question: "And as I know that this or that goal is achieved? ".