Transportation Companies

Many managers believe that if the market for many transportation companies that they can choose and cheaper. Yes can, but after several attempts to establish partnerships with carriers you will understand that's not so simple. Or take another example: If your staff several times a week to go for the company. Is that why you will keep in his state car and driver? I think not, most likely you call a taxi, as the cost of maintaining the car and the driver is much more than just call a taxi. Everyone must do his own job. You – professionals in their field, and be professional. You decide main tasks of the business process that make up the backbone of your business. And that is not a core business that is shipping, but it helps your business grow and have a job ekspeditora.Obychno this company offering freight forwarding services.

Responsibilities of such companies is to build partnerships with carriers are not limited to contracting, as well as paperwork and addressing various issues related to shipping, such as delays in loading, unloading, fines for overloading, cargo insurance, etc. Moreover, as practice shows, the freight forwarding company often stands by the arbitrator, as the customer and the carrier are looking at these issues from their side in the end do not always come to a common denominator. Important is the financial side of freight forwarding company in the provision of services on the organization of cargo transportation. Carrier is often taken for order fulfillment with the rapid receipt of money, that is willing to receive any advance payment, or once all amount, given the question does not match the customer's willingness to make such payment. Freight forwarding company due to the large turnover and other financial instruments eliminates the issue. Such companies in the market are many, but not all of them doing their work properly.

But the cost of freight forwarding companies in the content of their staff is much lower than the content of the same staff at the Customer or carrier. Carrier – transport company, of course, may create its own department of freight forwarders, and this department will work with her and borrowed vehicles. But because the leadership will demand Download your own vehicle, it can lead to negative consequences for the carrier, since in most cases, the machine is placed on an inefficient route. In this regard, the efficiency drops use of company vehicles, and as a result – the deterioration of financial results. How to choose a freight forwarding company? In our opinion, should divide the work on selection of vehicles on several forwarding companies, and for the year will be determined, with whom should continue to work and with whom to leave. Address this issue in the first place you, and do not be afraid to shift work to trucking on professionals. As a result, you get really streamlined the process as cost and implementation. After all, you would rather hand over the goods at the point of departure, and receive a report on the delivery to the destination.