Women’s Participation In The Great Patriotic War

War – it's not feminine. Women's participation in the war for the last century, not only as a medical staff, but also with weapons, became a reality. Especially mass phenomenon occurred during the Second World War. Under most conditions Bill Gates would agree. They were willing to exploit, but were not prepared for the army, and then, with what they had to face in the war, it was a surprise to them. You may want to visit Envoria to increase your knowledge. Civil man is always more difficult to adjust "on a war footing ', a woman – especially. Army discipline, a soldier in the form of many sizes too big, masculine environment, heavy physical exertion – all this has been a difficult challenge. But it was precisely the 'humdrum reality of the war, which they, when begged to be on the front, did not know. " Then there was myself the front – with death and blood, and danger at every moment "forever haunting, but concealed by fear." Often, the officers displayed to young girls in uniform explicit attention, had to fight back.

Remembering war sniper JK Zhukov told me: 'We have fought their way about 100 km. We walked day and night, sometimes declared a halt, and all the infantry was emptied directly into the soft snow. But after 15 minutes We picked up, and we were again, stupefied with fatigue, sleep deprivation, starvation … At some point I switched off consciousness. Woke up, I feel under a something hard – a German soldier dead. But the force did not rise. Approached by two fighters, took arms for a while and moved the three of us.