Worner Objects

To decorate decoration specialist Worner – large areas requires more tact and finesse, as is the case with smaller. Heilbronn/Leingarten, October 23, 2013: The amount and placement of decorative articles here plays an important role, because too many objects in standard format are lost in the vastness of space – and thus the overall impression of the design area acts quickly closely. Or gives the impression of a creative chaos, that was not intentional and distracts from the goods. For shopping centres and arcades anyway rather individual, oversized items offered, which attract attention by their size from afar. But also shop Windows and salesrooms win with a decorative items in large format, which is used as eye-catchers and specifically directs the customer interest on the company and the presentation of goods.

Decoration specialist Worner creative takes up the theme of large-format design for the Christmas decoration and offers a variety of articles in XXL size. Banners and large prints: They are to fix with a few simple steps and make for the perfect matching background. The matching decoration article can be arranged depending on the decoration concept or topic, so that a harmonious appearance. If the classic Father Christmas or Santa Claus monitored everything, colorful Christmas balls, a stylized Christmas door, antique candle holder or a festive lighting design as a background motif Christmas ambience ensure: textile banners and XXL prints conjure up very quickly an attractive and charming Christmas flair. Source: camden treatment associates. Fiber glass objects: High-quality large decoration made of fiberglass is the strength of the decoration specialist Woerner. The various objects are outfitted with striking optics and an extensive color palette, which can be extended according to customer requirements. A Barockthron, richly decorated with gold and covered with red velvet is in itself unique, that needs almost no accessories. The white Gift Pack with Golden, modeled loop seem to be only waiting to be opened.

Golden Angel cherubs, flying, on a capital sitting or as the Angel head with wings as a romantic Christmas Messenger. Classic vases in oversize, with flocked natural branches filled, look very elegant and are ideal to obscure corners. Soldiers in parade uniform and in four versions, as well as the traditional Nutcracker, not to overlook all 1.85 m in length, are ready to welcome the customers. Also gigantic Christmas balls, Kugelprasenter and be fill bare hemispheres or ball rings in many colours and exclusive special coatings belong to the extensive range of fibreglass. All life-sized animals from this collection, of course, have its special appearance. Whether horse or Moose, reindeer, polar bear or Penguin, Tiger, lion or crocodile: all fiberglass animals are also available in the personal colour of choice. Decorative items can be decorated in oversize as opulent piece that always works as an eye-catching. But also in combination with smaller objects they care for Attention is directed to the goods.