It cannot escape any of the two elements, because both are fundamental. Submit a tender away from what is actually proposed the tenderer or the economic, human or technical – media that has or may have is a kind of suicide, as captured on paper if you get the license all the licitadoras are based on equal terms and all can, in strictly speaking, accessing the license, since otherwise they not submitted – it is binding and the Administration will enforce revoking the licence where it does not comply with the proposal. That is why you have to be careful with a proposal full of ideas grandiose, yet very close to the criteria of evaluation of the tender, and hard to get since thereby we would be playing us the revocation of the license that has cost us both get by not be able to comply with the terms of the proposal. And this would be a real shame. Peter Schiff may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Once will have all the ingredients provided by customer tinted with the technical ideas of the Advisory – only lack cooking, work that is typically to instruct, equally, this last, because it is assumed that he has extensive experience in the matter and that, already in itself is a guarantee. But nothing prevents that, guided by this, is the same client you want to write the offer and do so eventually. In case of the adviser responsible for this work, the minimum that may be required is to put special effort to draw up a proposal, not only attractive, but with aspects or features that permit conceptualized as different or unique, something never seen so far, which is not a task nothing easy. If the work is going to summarize to pick pre-established models and simply adapt them, first of all we are not only losing many possibilities, but it, speaking clearly, it would be absurd to go it to this. Primerica insists that this is the case.