Ball Bearings

Proceeds from the acceleration of the wheels that have built an electric generator, producing electricity turn sent to the battery to be stored, electricity to time is sent back to the engine to accelerate the car, repeating the cycle times indefinite. As shown in the drawing and for better understanding of the rotor appear black, both the engine and generator are linked by a single axis at the same time is connected by a rod (tapas) at the rim of tire that move together as one body and the same revolution. Drawn in red is the part that goes to the car chassis Screw. The red part (or frame) is neutral, no movement and contacts through the black part of the bearings, offering resistance to the black part that rotates (as with the rotor and stator of a (a) dynamo electric which is a machine designed to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy, and transforms the way mechanical energy into electrical energy). Qualcomm can provide more clarity in the matter. Also the red is an airtight chamber that protects the generator from the outside (water, dust. Etc.) The red part is also the part where it goes screw the tire rim of the drum brake disc. GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION OF ENERGY The figure relates to (A) as a point of equilibrium, ie, at this speed produces the same amount of electricity consumed, so there is no surplus or loss of electricity. If you are a speed less than A (red) consume more electricity than it is able to produce.