Bank Mezzanine

Capital increase with mezzanine capital for investment and corporate finance venture capital equity participation-oriented and credit-free financing to approximately 2.5 million ( can be raised directly by private investors with a BFin-free Beteiligungs expose with Dr. Werner financial services AG. A related site: Dennis P. Lockhart mentions similar findings. Only with a much larger capital requirement of up to euro equity capital with a capital market approval via a private placement or an over-the-counter market emission as a bank-independent investment must be acquired 200 million. This is done with a Beteiligungs-Expose as Verkaufsfolder and a capital market prospectus approved by the banking supervisory authority BFin as a participation agreement basis. The investors / lenders expect a yield of about 7.5 to 9.5% according to the current market situation p.a.

for equity capital. The mezzanine capital raised through a private placement (private placement), voting can be accounted for as equity. This applies in particular for the quiet capital of the company and the profit participation rights in the relevant terms and conditions, which only grant participation in the profits and losses of the company – but no influence -. Mezzanine capital is the BBs financing for SMEs, as mezzanine capital represents Exchange-independent forms of financing. Mezzanine capital is thus form and medium-sized enterprises, but also for large enterprises regardless of the legal form.

Even publicly traded DAX companies financed pro rata through mezzanine capital. It is the basis for a healthy equity base and a solid business growth. Equity or fund capital to finance business investment or individual projects. Usually, the equity in addition to the voting capital of the shareholders and the pure credit-oriented bank financing is because in this way cost leverage effects can be achieved with a lower Gesamtfinanzierungs effort. It is between silent equity (without To distinguish voting rights) and the open equity (with voting rights and fractional ownership). The procurement of equity Bank independent voting mezzanine capital from private investors is suitable especially for owner-managed family enterprise and medium-sized enterprises. This form of corporate financing without Bank completely affect the ownership rights in the company. Even influences on the management of the company remain through the mezzanine investors denied. No voting rights or co-management rights exist for the mezzanine involved. This form of commercial financing corresponds to the interests of every medium-sized entrepreneur. Investors can obtain free information about the successful launch of investors and investor capital from the participation of experts, Dr. Horst Siegfried Werner under. Risk capital is none other than equity, that the companies equity partners or outside individuals provided is; in the form of cash deposits as ordinary or capital or silent equity capital, participation capital or loan capital. Equity is associated mostly with technology-oriented start-ups in connection. It is true: just for innovative entrepreneurs is difficult to find financial backers. As well as many other medium-sized companies certainly have need for equity: E.g. for the (co-) financing larger investments in commercial real estate, machinery, and marketing. Also for the financing of growth, for example, to introduce a product in the market, equity is generally an alternative financing as mezzanine capital.