Barrierfree Flying

Barrier-free toilets for airlines no topic currently come E.g. wheelchair users in European airspace not on the toilet, because the airlines are refusing to carry on-board wheelchairs. In the United States, however, it is an on-board wheelchair since 1992 practice! The petition is to draw attention to the discriminatory and harmful situation and bring a political discourse in swing. At the time, my petition “Air law – accessibility in air transport” runs (November 6, 2008-December 19, 2008). Direct link to the petition on the website of the German Bundestag (the link to the website of the German Bundestag, on which the petition was published. For even more details, read what camden treatment associates says on the issue.

Go to with draw on “register” is a user name to the email account to send, go to the link and click on “This petition with draw”). There are already to a first success: a group spokesman assured the German airline Lufthansa on November 15, 2008, that all passengers, the the need for 48 hours prior to departure, the pilot has an on-board wheelchair. So far, Lufthansa provided this service – like other airline companies also – only on long-haul. On the 9.1.2008 writes Lufthansa German airlines: “In fact it is not possible, to provide an on-board wheelchair on short-haul flights unfortunately also in advance.” (see: p = 61) Also in subsequent requests, Lufthansa is expressed only in general terms and does not mention the specific question after an on-board wheelchair (see: page_id = 69) more background information and the latest developments on my blog to the background of the petition of wheelchair accessible is fly flying now as normal like car and train travel – for almost all people in Europe. But not for people with reduced mobility. So, this group has no chance of finding a toilet on short – and medium-haul flights even after entry into force of the EU flight regulation of July 2008. European airlines – including the German Lufthansa – deny your mobility-impaired passengers until today access to a toilet. Two to three hours, sometimes longer, is to arrive to find no toilet.

Who the question of Stewart’s “Must you find a toilet in this time?” with “Yes” answers, can go from the plane again. He is not promoted simply. Even with prior notification, airlines refuse to carry a so-called on-board wheelchair on board. This would allow the transfer of the seat to the toilet. So for example the German Lufthansa in an E-Mail of the 9.1.2008 replies laconically: “In fact, it is not possible, to provide an on-board wheelchair on short-haul flights unfortunately also in advance” and cynically further assure “that we do our utmost, so that your travels run smoothly.” Today, Deutsche Lufthansa denied a clear commitment that it provides an on-board wheelchair if required (source: A flight on the several hours long no Toilet can be picked up used, can not “” smoothly and missed key needs of passengers. Imagine, to sit three hours in an elevator – this is about the time that the German and European airlines expect their mobility-impaired passengers, to use no toilet. Against this background, I have submitted the petition to the German Bundestag and hope to many with drawing at the end. The goal of 400 signatures, but the more with drawing at the end are the petition the weightier and more likely that something is moving in the direction of barrier-free flying! End of subscription period is the December 19, 2008. Here, the petition with draw!